New Year, New You: Top Hairstyles for Women to Try in 2020


Ringing in the new year calls for a fresh start. What better time to change up your look than the beginning of a new year and a whole new decade? Whether you’re ready to make the chop or just looking to amp up your current cut by styling it in a completely new way, we’re here to help you get selfie-ready with a trendy new style. Feast your eyes on these hairstyles for women that will be big in 2020.

Short and Sassy Pixie


If you’re ready for a dramatic change, give this short cut a try. This sassy style is generally short on the back and sides with a tapered neckline. The crown is left longer with enough length to push around for versatility. Texture is the key to adding some edge for a fresh, modern look.

Pixies comes in so many different shapes and lengths there is a style for every face shape and hair type. The key is working with your stylist to customize the look to accentuate your unique features.

Blunt Cut


Take on the new year in style with a clean and bold blunt cut.  The straight line at the ends of this style add dimension and the illusion of thickness, making it a great option for those with naturally straight and fine hair. This sleek cut emphasizes the jawline and gorgeously flatters those with an oval, square or heart-shaped face.

 Whether worn classically smooth and straight, with a deep side part or with textured waves, a blunt cut is surprisingly versatile. Add some bangs to really make a statement.

Shoulder-Length Bob


This collarbone-skimming bob is the most flattering and sought-after look. A fantastic compromise between short and long, this cut is short enough to not weigh you down, yet long enough to style in a variety of ways. Plus, it works with straight, wavy and curly hair textures so you can nail this look no matter your natural hair type.

The shoulder-length bob also pairs well with long and layered fringe that seamlessly blends with the rest of the hair. Want to go a little shorter? There’s a bob for that, too! See more here.

Long with Side-Swept Bangs


Few things complement a great haircut more than the perfect fringe. If you’re looking for a way to refresh your look while maintaining the length, long, soft bangs will have you rejoicing.

Side-swept fringe is less dramatic than forward bangs and can even be tucked under longer layers for a seamless look. Whether you opt for an all-one-length cut or long layers throughout, swide-swept bangs can add a beautiful finishing touch to your style.

Loose Curls


Another fantastic way to liven up your look for 2020 - loose curls. This trick works with practically any hair length, except for super-short crops, of course.

Experiment with curling in different ways to figure out what works best for you. Pop in a few hot rollers while you’re getting ready or throw in some quick curls by wrapping strands around a curling wand (or even a flat iron). Or if you’re short on time in the mornings, try braiding your hair or twisting into pin curls before bed. You’ll have soft waves by morning.

Any one of these trendy looks will have you kicking off the new year in style! Need more inspiration? Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Or, visit your nearest Fantastic Sams Cut and Color Hair Salon for a personalized consultation with one of our professional stylists.


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