A Nod to the Bob: Our September Haircut of the Month


What better time to try a new hairstyle than the changing of the seasons?

Yes, we know it’s not fall quite yet, but you have to admit, once Labor Day is over and the reality that autumn is right around the corner sets in, it’s a wonderful time to start thinking about a new look for fall.

Now that white pants are out for the season, let’s talk about cozy sweaters, tall boots and you guessed it, a new hairstyle!

One of our all-time favorite styles is the bob – so we’re here today to gush about its versatility and possibly even inspire you to try one of these variations, or even add your own personal flair to create a new way to rock the style. Even though the bob is generally short (about chin-length), the styling possibilities go on and on.

So let’s hear it for the bob – our September Haircut of the Month.

The standard chin-length bob


When you visualize a bob, this one’s probably what you imagine: a chin-length cut that’s tapered a little at the ends so they curl under. Depending on the texture of your hair, you might need a flat iron or a little product to smooth out your style.

Pump up the volume in your hair while blow drying by sectioning it off and using a round brush, pulling the hair up as you dry each section. For a sleeker look, switch to a paddle brush and blow dry the hair downward, flat to the head as you dry – or if you have naturally straight hair just let your hair dry naturally and brush to smooth afterward.

With bangs


If you’d like to turn your style up a notch, add some bangs to your bob.

Go for a thicker set of bangs that includes hair from as far back as your crown, for max volume and density. But, if you’re new to bangs and need a transition before going all-in with full fringe, opt for a longer side-swept length that you could push behind your ear or pin back as an alternative.

We also love this style with a few face-framing layers on the sides to transition between the bangs and ends.

Asymmetrical bob


For an edgier look, the asymmetrical bob has you covered.

Sure, you could polish it up for professional occasions by tucking the longer side behind your ear or pulling the sides into a half up / half down style, but wearing it all down shows off the unique cut and is sure to make a fashion statement of its own.

To pull this one off, the hair should be chin-length on the side of your part. On the other side, though, have your stylist angle the cut downward and longer toward your face. (You’ll need to start with hair that’s longer than your shoulders.) Add a few layers within that angled section for a softer, not-so-blunt transition.

Another take on the asymmetrical bob involves having both sides of the hair longer and angled forward, instead of just one side. This version looks asymmetrical from the sides since the back is shorter than the front, whereas the first version varies in length from the back view as well as the side view.

Blunt-cut bob


If you’re not into rounded or tapered ends, or you’d rather not spend time smoothing out your look with a hair dryer, the blunt-cut bob may be the perfect bob for you.

It’s just like it sounds: blunt-cut at the ends for a more choppy look.

For fine or thin hair, you might need a styling product or pomade that can help separate strands and add some definition to your finished style, while keeping all the hair in place.

Long bob


A great way to dip your toe into the bob style without going super short, is with the long bob, or lob cut. This one’s a little longer, hitting more at the shoulder than the chin. It’s a great in-between length if you’re starting with longer hair and still want the option for a ponytail in a time crunch.

Ask for some layers to add depth and movement to your cut, or to thin out super thick curls.

Wear the lob straight or use a curling iron or styling wand to achieve a more tousled look.


Whichever way you choose to wear your bob, we’re sure it’ll help you welcome fall – even if you weren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the summer sun.

We’d love to see your fresh new cut and how you style it, on Facebook and Instagram.


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