Now's the Time to Start Your Hair Stylist Career – Top Seven Reasons You Should Consider Becoming a Hair Stylist!


Have you ever considered becoming a hair stylist? Some people know exactly what they want to do for the rest of their lives from an early age, while it takes decades for others to decide. And often, people switch careers multiple times before they find the “right” one. If you’ve ever craved a creative outlet, considered working in a salon or are fascinated by all the hair coloring techniques out there, read on for some benefits of becoming a hair stylist. Now just might be the right time to start your career as a hair stylist - whether this is your first or your fifteenth work endeavour.

Benefits of a hair stylist career

If you’re on the fence about a career in hair and just can’t decide to take the next step, maybe some of the benefits will help convince you.

1)     Creative freedom

Some guests come into the salon knowing exactly what they want – a particular haircut, style or hair color. Others may have an idea in mind but they turn to their hair stylist, the expert, for guidance on what would work best for their hair type, texture, face shape and other considerations like styling time.


In either case, the stylist uses his or her base of technical knowledge and training in combination with a unique creative perspective to get that fantastic end result. From a basic haircut to a total hairstyle and color transformation, being a hair stylist can allow for as much creative freedom as you can imagine. Plus, you’ll be working with other creative, like-minded individuals following their own passions.

2)     You’re in demand

Hair stylists have always been in high demand. Certain cuts and styles require regular visits to the salon to maintain. Special occasions, like a wedding, job interview or a family get-together, usually require a trip to your stylist beforehand. Hair color needs a touch up when it grows out and fades. A majority of the population makes regular visits to their hair stylist. This profession is in demand, and the last few months of stay-at-home restrictions have strengthened that notion.

With the abundance of DIY fails circulating on social media, it’s clear that hair care should be trusted to the professionals. And since salons had been closed temporarily for what seemed an eternity, they are now currently in high demand as guests seek that familiar place (their stylist’s chair) that makes them feel great.

3)     It’s flexible

When you choose a hair stylist career, you’re also choosing flexibility. This profession is not a typical nine-to-five schedule, as most salons stay open a little later in the evenings to accommodate guests’ busy schedules. Weekend hours are usually also part of your work life, so there’s opportunity to work less during the week if you prefer.

Whether you  are looking for full-time or part-time work, becoming a hair stylist is flexible and you typically have more of a work-life balance than what’s possible in other career paths.

4)     Lots of variety

No two days are the same in the life of a hair stylist. You’ll service guests of all ages and hair types, and everyone is different in their preferences of cut, style and salon service. Even the same guest you’ve worked with for years can have a different request each time they sit in your chair, and that’s part of the beauty of it all. Each visit is unique. Each guest is unique. Each outcome is unique. If you agree that “variety is the spice of life,” a hair stylist career could be right for you.


5)     Ongoing learning opportunities

When you become a hair stylist, it’s important to prioritize ongoing learning opportunities. You must stay up on the latest hair coloring trends and not only be familiar with them, but master them. You must be the expert in all things hair, and having a support system in your colleagues and employer are crucial to maintaining that level of expertise. Make sure that your prospective employer or salon supports your growth and marketability. Our team at Fantastic Sams enjoys free training in the latest styling, color and texture techniques so that our stylists grow and thrive.

6)     That fantastic feeling

There’s not much of a greater sense of accomplishment and pride than when your guest leaves your chair beaming from head to toe. Some may say, “it’s just hair,” but others would argue that when your hair looks great, you can take on the world. As the stylist creating this fantastic feeling in guests, you’ll be immersed with the inner positive energy  that occurs when making someone else feel more confident.


Whether you do it for the guest’s smile at the end or for the opportunity to express your artistic abilities (or perhaps both), you’re sure to have an emotional connection to this profession.

7)     Long-lasting relationships

We’ve said it before, salon co-workers and regular guests become family. Hair stylists are a close-knit group with specialized skills and are some of the most caring and empathetic people out there. Think about it, what juicy details have you shared with your stylist that you wouldn’t share with most people? They’re our ear to listen, a friend and confidant, our makeshift therapist and much more. Hair stylists build long-lasting relationships with not only their coworkers, but their guests as well. After all, once you find that stylist who does an amazing job, are you really going to risk going anywhere else? If you need another point, we’ll close with one of our favorite quotes, “A hair stylist touches more hearts than hair.”


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