NYFW’s Hair Trend Forecast


NYFW’s Hair Trend Forecast

It’s the time of year every fashionista looks forward to. New York Fashion Week is an event notorious for outstanding fashion, sensational makeup, and most importantly, spectacular hair trends. Brands anticipate this event all year, longing for their chance to showcase their treasured works of art in the form of breathtaking gowns and statement pieces. 

From the second that first foot hits the runway, we know we have something extraordinary coming our way; but, as every successful stylist says, no ensemble is complete without the essential finishing touches!

Hair is the most unique form of personal expression and is often the signature token for big name designers. Fashion icons are introducing the most envy-worthy hairstyles for this season, and we’ve got the NYFW's hair trend forecast! 

Image Source: @vanessarenae.com / Pinterest

All About Those Braids

Braided hairstyles are one of the most timeless hair trends we’ve ever seen. We have seen braids in all forms––from easy braids to braids incorporated into intricate hairstyles.  And just when we thought we had seen it all, the fashion world has taken braids to the next level. Models stepped on the runway sporting the ever-loved boxer braids, originally coined by the infamous Ronda Rousey. This masculine trend, paired with feminine pieces allow for a balanced and compelling style. 

For a more laid-back look, stylists opt for a tousled braid. Emporio Armani and Hervé Léger incorporated loose, braided updos into their runway schemes. For those seeking a more elegant look, look to Badgley Mischka for inspiration. His models caught the attention of the audience with their stunning braided styles that complimented his “low-key” glam style. 

For more braid inspiration, check out some of our favorite braids!

Image Source: @Byrdie Beauty | Pinterest

The Parted Pony

Dinner party with friends? Big meeting in the office? Make way for this everyday hairstyle. The parted pony made headlines during 2018’s New York Fashion Week, and we’re bringing it into our everyday life. The parted pony is designed to enhance any part. Whether you’re going for a striking middle part or an exaggerated side part, this modern look is the epitome of contemporary style. Perfect this look by styling the hair into your desired strong part, and finish it off by combing the hair back using FS Finishing Spray to hold flyaways in place. The end result is a posh and elegant style that adds the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble. 

For more braid inspiration, check out some of our favorite ponytail styles!

Image Source: @NYFW | alice McCALL | sourced: Getty Images

Short and Natural Hair

We said it before and we'll say it again, natural hair trends are having a moment, and some of our favorite natural hair moments occurred on the runway during New York Fashion Week! But, it's short natural hairstyles that are putting us over the edge! Textured bobs dipping right below the jawline have stolen the show during this year’s New York Fashion Week. From icons in the audience to models taking the runway, this chic cut seems to be the trend for 2018’s fashion scene. Integrate your natural part and opt for a blunt end to deliver the astonishing appearance that this look deserves.

New York Fashion Week was an event full of envy-worthy fashion and dazzling hairdo’s. Designers have set the bar high for this season’s fashion, and we have a lot to live up to. 

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