Ombre Hair Color: Five Reasons That'll Make You Want to Try Ombre


Are you looking to shake things up with an exciting new look for the new year? Then, we have just the hairstyle for you. It’s a perfect blend of bold, beautiful and elegant. That’s right, we’re talking about Ombre.  

What is Ombre hair color?

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you probably heard us mention Ombre in our recent post about Balayage. Ombre is often linked to Balayage, but they’re actually different. While Balayage is a technique for coloring hair, Ombre is more of a style. The Ombre style is a color effect that splits your hair into two sections of contrasting colors. Typically, the style is divided by a sharp horizontal line across your hair and consists of:

  • A top section of darker hair (usually your natural hair color)
  • A bottom section consisting of a lighter tone 

The result is a gorgeous split canvas of complementing hair colors. This contrast gives the Ombre an exciting, yet subtle look that’s perfect if you want to go bold without going too overboard. Long story short, we think it’s amazing and here’s why…  

Top five reasons we love the Ombre hair color effect

No. 5: Ombre is a fantastic way to liven up your style

If you get tired of the same old hairstyle and cut, Ombre is a great way to shake things up. Ombre is fun and bold, but it’s also subtle so it’s great for showing off your more adventurous side without going too far out of your comfort zone. 

No. 4: Ombre is extremely versatile

The style works for a variety of hair lengths and textures. And, since you can choose your own Ombre style, it also works great for pretty much any hair color. Just find a color that complements your natural hair, and you’re good to go!

Ombre also works great for a lot of different hairstyles. Do you like to curl your hair? You can use the ombre effect to add dimension and life to your waves. Want to braid your hair? Ombre will provide a beautiful transition from darker braids on top to lighter ones at the end. Prefer to keep it simple? No problem, Ombre works great for straight hair, too.

No. 3: You can customize the color to match your style

Because it’s so versatile, Ombre is a perfect choice if you want to add a little flair to your hairstyle and show off your unique personality. While the Ombre style usually consists of your natural color at the roots and lighter color in the bottom section, you can customize it to match your style. You can go with a darker color in the bottom section, ditch your natural color altogether, or rock out with unconventional colors like pink, purple or green. 

No. 2: Ombre is low-maintenance 

If you go with a more conventional Ombre, the hair in the top section will consist of your natural hair color. This is a huge selling point of the Ombre since it means you won’t need to constantly go to your stylist for root touch-ups (which is great for the budget!). 

Like any color, however, Ombre looks much better in healthy hair. If you go with an Ombre hairstyle, make sure you’re still taking care of your hair properly and using a good conditioner. (If you need a color-safe conditioner, we recommend our FS Thick n Full Conditioner.)

No. 1: The Ombre hairstyle looks great!

Finally, the best reason for going Ombre? It looks amazing. When you find two colors – whether it be your natural hair color paired with a lighter shade or any other combo – that complement each other perfectly, your Ombre is sure to make you look and feel fantastic! 

Are you ready to go Ombre? Head to your nearby Fantastic Sams Cut & Color, and one of our talented stylists will help you find the perfect color combination and style for you. 

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