Opal Hair is 2018's Most Spellbinding Hair Trend


Opal Hair is 2018's Most Spellbinding Hair Trend

This luck-filled stone gets its playful color from the rain! Rainwater creeps through small cracks leaving behind a spectacle of beautiful colors. Much like it's precious stone inspiration, opal hair color is unique to everyone who wears it. Incorporating a light mix of purples, pinks, blues and oranges, your opal hair color options are endless. Rainbow pastels have taken a backseat, and opal has stolen our hearts. Read more to see why opal hair is 2018's most spellbinding hair trend!

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What is Opal hair color?

Opal hair color is one of the trendiest takes on pastel coloring techniques we’ve seen yet. Stemming from the ever-loved silver shade is this unique inclusion of various pastel colored highlights. Stylists opt for pinks, blues, greens, and purples to achieve this multidimensional color, and the end result is downright astonishing. Not only is this hair color a bold choice for your next color upgrade, but it is also completely customizable. Various colors can be pulled through with a heftier hand than the rest, changing the appearance of the entire look. Depending on the desired look, stylists have the ability to endlessly manipulate this courageous color. Your hair personality has never been more easily expressed than it is with an opal touch.

How to get Opal Hair Color

Due to the lighter shades it incorporates, opal hair color requires a toned out base. Opt for a silver, or a platinum hue before trying to obtain this look. Pastel shades require a blank canvas to shine through, so the hair needs to be stripped of any darker hue that is present. For those anxious to make a plunge into the platinum family, individual sections can be colored to accomplish a similar look. Once a bleached base is achieved, the highlighting can officially begin.

Opal stones reflect almost every color of the rainbow, which means the coloring options are endless. Stylists begin by selecting assorted complementing shades and utilizing the hair painting technique to seamlessly blend sections together. What is the end result? A dynamic combination of pastel shades to create a glowing, metallic look.

How to Prepare for Opal Hair Color

  • With any coloring technique, there is a bit of damage control that is required. Prior to bleaching, conditioning treatments are always a good idea. Check out FS Color Protect Deep Repair Masque to replenish moisture before a color treatment. Preparing the hair for breakage will partially eliminate the negative side effects that come with chemical treatments.

  • When coloring, ask for a bonder. This conditioning element is mixed in with the color during treatment to prevent deterioration to the hair shaft.

  • Be specific. Opal hair color is endlessly versatile, which leaves room for manipulation. Explain to your stylist the exact look and color you are going for. Colors can be pulled through more heavily than others, which can lead to an overall different appearance.

  • Be mindful of your shower routine. Hair should not be shampooed every day. Although it is necessary to wash the hair frequently, too much shampoo can eventually lead to damaging effects. The more the hair is washed, the sooner color will fade.

Give your hair the attention it deserves. Preserve and protect those strands during your next coloring treatment, and opt for FS products that will help you achieve that show-stopping style. Check out more gemstone inspired hair colors that dominated the hair scene in 2017.

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