Our Favorite Boys’ Haircuts for Summer


The summer season is here and that can mean more casual looks for boys. Here are some ideas to finding a haircut that best expresses their personal style and is the easiest to maintain.

Fade the heat away


Try a fade! This style keeps the hair short on the sides but can include textured individuality. You can tailor this cut to allow a little bit of length for spiking bangs or leave longer locks on top to slick back or hang forward. Most boys don’t want to spend a lot of time styling their hair on a day-to-day basis, but may not want a full-on crew cut. You’ll need to visit your stylist fairly often to keep the sides cropped close to the scalp. Using a bit of product for the top portion is all he’ll need to style the look himself.

Spike it up


You may remember the brittle, gelled-up spikes of years past, but new versions of this look are much less severe. Modern day spikes are movable, messy and extremely low maintenance. Unkempt is actually a good thing when it comes to this cut. Keep the top longer and the sides short, but not too close to the scalp. He can simply run his fingers through his hair and go on his way.

Surf’s up


Some boys prefer a longer cut to a short style. A textured shag “surfer” style is perfect for days at the beach or pool. Thanks to the way it’s cut, there is no upkeep other than washing and brushing. This hairstyle works for various textures and types of hair, so if your boy is looking to clean up longer hair, this may be a great option.

Go halfway


A medium cut with a whispy, layered fringe is a great option for summer. As with any layered cut, the visits to your child’s stylist would be minimal as his layers grow out.  This is another cut a boy can make his own without having to fuss with it too much each day.

Be willing to try


Listen to your child and what he wants when he sits in the stylist’s chair. A short cut may be the easiest option, but hair is an expression of who he is. Just as there are many options for girls to change their looks with a cut, there are nearly as many options for boys. Rather than stick with the same buzzed cut, save some of that length and encourage him to be as creative as he wants in the lazy days of summer.


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