Our Favorite Haircuts for Men with Curly Hair


Curly hair. Depending on your personality, you love it, hate it or are resigned to it. While it may seem much less versatile than straight hair, if you’re blessed (or cursed) with curly hair, you have more styling options than you might think.

Curls automatically give your hair volume and texture. A good many of your straight-haired brothers have to spend many dollars and hours on products and styling to achieve what you were born with. For you, versatility lies in the length of your curls and what to do with different sections of your hair for contrast. Read on for some styling ideas for twirly tresses.

Minimizing the Curls

For those of you who hate your curly locks, there are several routes to denial. You can always get a buzz cut, but you don’t need to read this to do that. The next step up from that would be the curly version of a crew cut with hair left a little longer on top.

For a crew cut, the sides and back can either be closely cropped or faded which then emphasizes the texture on top. What short curl is left on top will give you so much texture that it’ll look like you spent a lot of time styling it when, in fact, it occurs naturally. Depending on your hair type, you might even be able to coax it into short spikes.


If you want to leave your hair a little longer, you can always slick it back using any number of products. This will straighten out the curls somewhat to give you waves instead. It also shifts the focus to your face, especially if you keep the hair on the sides shorter than on top. Just be sure to choose a product that takes your hair’s curl and texture into account and gives you a good hold regardless of how tight your curls are. (Fantastic Sams X-treme Gel is a great product to help with these efforts.)


Embracing the Curl

If you embrace the curl, you have many possibilities open to you. Having curly hair shouldn’t keep you from sporting a side part if you want it; in fact, your hair type will give this classic style a twist. As with many of these styles, this one starts with short back and sides and longer hair on top to style.


If your hair is longer, there is always the man bun. Again, your natural volume and texture enhance this currently fashionable style and give it more interest than when done with straight hair.


Curly Fringe Styles

With hair in the front that’s a little longer, you’re fully equipped to create a curly quiff. Here, again, your hair’s natural volume saves you some time and effort compared to those with straight hair who have to create that volume. The hair on the sides and back is shorter than on top but not as dramatically short as the styles mentioned above. Styling can range from simply using your fingers to shape the front of your hair up and back or side to side using a brush and hair dryer for a more styled effect.


The mirror image of the quiff is a curly fringe. Rather than styling the front up and back, let a mass of curls fall over your forehead. You can either leave them front and center or push them to one side. Sweeping the rest of the hair on the top forward emphasizes the front. Since this style is less structured than a quiff, using your fingers is probably best to retain the ultra-casual look.


Bed-head Curls

Lastly, the most casual style might be a little messy (no judgment!), but the look is better suited for medium-to-long hair lengths. The name would imply doing nothing but rolling out of bed and out the door, but you should attempt at least some styling to avoid looking disheveled. The goal is to appear completely unstyled, but, of course, almost no style is completely unstyled.

To preserve the relaxed essence of this look, styling will generally avoid a brush and hair dryer in favor of your fingers. You will certainly want to keep your hair out of your face, perhaps by sweeping it backward. You might even apply a product such as a finishing spray to hold your seemingly carefree creation in place.


Curly hair needn’t be a curse. On the contrary, it can be an asset you can use to your benefit. Once you understand what kind of curls you have and what can be done with them, choose a style that enhances and makes use of your hair type. You can always consult your nearest Fantastic Sams stylist for advice, ideas and recommendations.

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