Our Favorite Low Maintenance Haircuts


Everyone wants a perfect hairstyle, but they’re split on whether or not they want to spend time they don’t necessarily have to maintain it. And right now, we probably have more time than we expected…with everyone self-isolating, social distancing and many businesses (including salons) closed. That’s not to say we have more time for our hair, just that our schedules have changed drastically over the last few weeks.

You are likely already spending most of your time at home, and going out to get a haircut is not an option. For the near future, it’s time to accept the haircut you have and make the best of it until your next salon visit, whenever that may be.

For future inspiration though, let’s look at some low maintenance haircuts that will keep you looking fresh and fantastic when you’re back to your previous work/life schedule, while at the same time keeping you in the groove of not spending too much time on your look. After all, a great style and a quick routine don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Check out styles and techniques that look great on the go.

What to avoid if you’re looking for the easy route

If you’re looking for a low maintenance hairstyle, there are some options you should avoid. Blunt bangs aren’t the greatest choice as without the attention they need, they don’t create the look you may want, and may require more frequent trips to your stylist.  The same rule applies for severely short styles as they may require more trims or products to maintain your cut.  As with any look, making sure your hair is as healthy as possible is half the battle, because any style will take longer to create with tresses in poor condition.

Color your way to easy


Ombre or balayage highlights are a great way keep your style fresh but not have to freshen up all the time. Roots growing out are a part of the look so you don’t have to rush to your stylist to cover them up. Strategically placed color can also hide signs of split ends and extend time between cuts. As your style grows out, it looks fresh and updated, not dull and stale.

Let everything fall into place


A great hair day shouldn’t make you late for work. Long, layered cuts are one of the easiest to maintain. Your locks will fall into place without too much effort on your part and may require minimal heat styling depending on the texture of your hair. This is a great choice for thin hair, adding volume and lift without too many twirls of the brush.

Wash and go


While you may have to visit the salon more often depending on how short your style is, with a pixie cut you can truly run your fingers through your short hair and go. With slightly longer layers on top you can minimize the products you’d need to hold it all in place.

Close-cropped styles are always a bold move, but can be simple to maintain on a daily basis. Show off those hoop earrings or use the extra view of your neck to wear a bold scarf and let your short and simple style make a big splash. 

The Choppy Bob


A popular choice, the choppy bob is the unicorn of all low maintenance styles because it actually looks better when it’s messy! It’s short enough to create bounce in thin hair but easy to slick back into a ponytail. The length cuts down on drying time and effort, and there are lots of options to try. Try it all one length or slightly angled for an edgy look.

Low on effort doesn’t mean low on style


Looking polished and pretty shouldn’t take hours you don’t have. You can be trendy and stylish with even the busiest schedule. Work with your stylist to find the right style for you that’s the easiest to manage with your lifestyle, and you can figure out what you’ll do with all that extra time in the morning.


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