Our Favorite Men’s Haircuts For The Holidays


Gentlemen, it’s that time of year again when you’re prepping for holiday occasions, family photos, parties and maybe even a winter wedding. You’ve got your outfit (or maybe it’s been picked for you) and you’re ready to make holiday memories. But instead of settling for your go-to hairstyle, how about trying a new haircut for the holidays?

We’re here to help inspire you to try a little something different this season with our favorite men’s haircuts for your upcoming festivities.

Sure, you could go the easy route and opt for a buzz cut. But with so many stylish looks out there, why not get more adventurous with your hairstyle?

Nothing against super-short hair…but with the cooler weather, we love to see guys growing their strands a little longer. Not only does it help keep your head warmer, but there’s also more styling opportunity from day to day.

Short(-ish) and side-swept


If you typically sport a short haircut or buzz cut, this hairstyle is a good start to stepping out of your comfort zone.

Keep the sides and back short, but let the top of your hair grow out a little longer. To style, brush or comb to the side, or even straight back. Depending on your hair texture, you might need a little styling product to keep the hair in place, especially if you’re not used to having long enough hair to style. Try our Grooming Crème on damp or dry hair for flexible control that doesn’t look too sculpted. 

Your stylist will be able to cut your hair so that it’s more inclined to lay one way or the other, so be sure to share your hairstyle vision during your cut.

High fade, hard part


Somewhere in between the short-ish and the medium-length style we’ll get into next, is the high fade with a hard part (also known as a razor part).

If you’re looking to make a statement this holiday season, this one should be on your wish list.

The top is medium-length, around 2-4 inches long. The sides and back are faded from the top length down to barely nothing toward your hairline. The hair is slicked to one side with a firm gel. A side part is razored in for ultimate style.

Rock this style for your holiday occasions, and one day you’ll be looking back on those photos thinking “man, that was a great haircut.” Or, even better, you’ll love it so much that it’ll become a part of you. You’re welcome.

Full disclosure, this haircut does require a little more maintenance, as your razor part will start growing back in and your super-short faded hairline will become less-so after a few days. But don’t worry, it’s totally worth it.



You might have already experimented with longer hair on top, but what about the sides as well?

Before you go all in and swear off the stylist or barber, just know there is some maintenance with this style as well. The top and sides can be grown out to your preference, but generally we’d recommend the sides to be a little shorter than the top, for a natural transition down to the hairline. And, you’ll want to keep the hairline and neck trimmed to keep the look polished.


The holidays can be a stressful time with obligations that you may or may not be excited about, but don’t forget to have some fun. If anything, have fun with your hairstyle and make your festivities memorable.

If you have a favorite men’s haircut this season, we’d love to see it on social! 


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