Our Favorite Short Hairstyles for Men


Hey guys, we understand that 2020 has been an interesting year for hair. Our lives have been thrown a little off balance (or a lot, who are we kidding?) and you probably had to forgo a few haircuts over the last several months. You’re likely ready for a hairstyle change, or maybe a little something different than what you’re used to, so we’re here with some of our favorite short hairstyles for men.

After reading, you’ll be ready to cut off those longer locks in favor of one of these fantastic styles.

The ever-versatile crew cut


One of the most well-known short hairstyles for men, the crew cut, has many variations to suit your style and preference. The length on top should be no longer than one to two inches, and the sides and back can vary. A high fade, low fade or somewhere in-between fade can work well with the short hair on top, or opt for longer sides if you’re not into the faded look. Just make sure your stylist or barber tapers the cut down to your hairline.

The crew cut is a classic, polished, clean-cut look overall, but if you like a little bit of tousle, use a firm-hold styling gel or a creamy styling wax to add texture to the top and front of your hair.


If you like to have a tad more hair to style on top, that’s okay, too – you can still enjoy most of the crew cut’s clean look. By asking your stylist to leave a little more hair length on the top and in front, you’ll be free to spike it up, smooth it back, to the side or go for that on-purpose messy look. This just adds to the versatility of the crew cut style.

The modern combover


Maybe you’re not a fan of super-short hairstyles, but also need something that stays off of your ears and can transition smoothly from professional life to everything else. With the modern combover hairstyle, the hair is cut to accommodate the side-swept look, and can include a cut-in part (hard part) or a more traditional part.

On the parted side, your hair will be cut shorter to smooth it down, or it could even be nearly nonexistent below the part line – it’s up to you and your stylist.

The longer side is where you have more room to get creative and really bring out your personal style. Grab some styling gel, run it through your hair to the back slightly or straight over to the side. Experiment with different styling and hair care products and let your new hairstyle do the talking.

The almost-pompadour


We’re a big fan of the pompadour hairstyle for men, but we also understand that longer hair is more difficult to style and requires more time. That’s why the almost-pompadour made this list as one of our favorite short hairstyles for men. It has the same characteristics of the pomp, but with a shorter overall length on top – meaning less commitment and less styling time.

The sides and back are buzzed short or faded, leaving the emphasis on the top of the hair. The pompadour is known for its height and volume, and is typically styled back with some product. Try the traditional style, but also feel free to add your personal flair.

The high and tight


If you’re the kind of guy who likes to spend minimal time (or no time at all) worrying about or styling your hair, look no further than the high and tight hairstyle. It’s a military-style crew cut with super short, faded sides and very minimal hair length on top. It requires no styling time, but you’ll need regular maintenance visits to your stylist or barber to keep the hairline and fade looking its best.

We love how this short hairstyle really brings out your facial features and you’ll love the simplicity of the look. Pair it with a short, manicured beard if you’d like, or go for the full-on clean cut look with no facial hair.


Have you tried one of these short hairstyles for men? Let us know on social by tagging our pages and using #StyleMeFantastic.



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