Our Haircut of the Month for November: Long Bob Hairstyles – The Tousled Lob


Now that November is here, you’re probably digging out the chunky sweaters and tall boots for that perfect fall look. You may have all the perfect accessories to complete your cooler-weather wardrobe, but don’t forget about your hair to top it all off. 

If you’re seeking a new hairstyle to refresh your look, or better yet, if you want to make a major change, look no further than the tousled lob. It’s been dubbed “fall’s hottest haircut” by the internet, is the most-pinned hairstyle on Pinterest and is our Haircut of the Month. Its versatility makes it the top choice for women seeking a new hairstyle this fall.

What is a tousled lob?

A lob is short for “long bob,” as its length is somewhere between a traditional chin-length bob and a longer style, usually coming in at the shoulders. It can be the same length all around the head, or can be longer in the front, angling a bit shorter toward the back – also called an A-line, asymmetrical or graduated lob. 

To achieve the namesake “tousled” look, layers are cut into the style as opposed to having the hair all one length. Depending on your hair type, there are many different ways to achieve the tousled look when styling your new lob cut. Fine or thin hair may require a different product or styling process than thicker or curly hair, but don’t worry – anyone can rock a tousled lob and make it their own.

Let’s look at some tousled lob varieties and styling options to inspire your fantastic new look.

Our favorite tousled lob looks

Asymmetrical tousled curl lob


This look is a great choice for a variety of hair textures and face shapes. The longer length in the front slims the face and the curls add volume and dimension to the hair. Accessorize with a wide-brimmed hat or a bright-colored lipstick to add some extra personality to your ensemble.

Best way to style this lob 

Start by using a texturizing spray or volumizing potion on damp hair and blow dry for maximum volume. Use a curling iron to curl only a few sections of hair throughout your head, as you want a tousled, not curly look. Hold on to the ends of the hair while curling to avoid too much curl. You can also vary the curl size and shape by how tightly you wrap the hair around the curling iron. Then brush the curls out lightly so they’re not as defined.

Polished lob


Similar to the tousled curl lob, the polished lob brings the elegance and is perfect for a holiday party, a night out on the town or anytime you want to class up your day-to-day lob look.

Best way to style this lob 

Use a 1-inch or larger curling iron to curl strands of hair, leaving out the ends of the hair. Curl some of the pieces toward the face and some away, letting the curl cool completely before separating the hair. Use your fingers to lightly separate the curls, minimizing frizz and maintaining the glossy look. Top it off with some Shine Mist or Finishing Spray to keep your style fresh and looking great no matter the occasion.

Naturally curly lob


If you have naturally curly hair, embrace the curls and look fantastic with this lob style. Face-framing layers and long bangs can really add depth to this curly look. Add some minimal balayage highlights to create a little dimension in your hair, and look perfect for Fall!

Best way to style this lob 

Apply a small amount of a curl-boosting cream (we like this one) to damp hair and distribute evenly. Let your hair air-dry and scrunch as needed or use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment. 

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