Our January Hairstyle of the Month: Long Layers with Bangs


Looking for a new hairstyle that’s flattering, versatile and trendy? If you have long hair, then we have just the style for you – long layers with bangs. It’s a fantastic style that works for several hair types, textures and facial shapes. 

Intrigued? Keep reading to learn why we named this look our January Hairstyle of the Month! 

Why we love long layers with bangs

Bangs are more than just a fantastic look

Besides looking amazing, bangs are also very functional. They’re excellent for framing your face and keeping your hair out of your eyes. For aesthetics and function purposes, just make sure to pick a fringe style that suits your face shape. (If you need help choosing which bangs are right for you, check out our recent blog post to find out what you need to know before going with the fringe look.)

Layers make long hairstyles so much easier to maintain

This is especially true for women with thicker locks since layers remove some of the extra weight and make your hair easier to work with. 

Layers crank up the volume

On the flip side, if you have very thin hair, layers can help you add volume to your hairstyle. If you decide to go with long layers with bangs, talk to your stylist for recommendations on how to stagger the layers appropriately for maximum volume.  

Layers are so in right now

Layers are one of the most popular cuts today thanks to their ability to add the perfect amount of volume and a gorgeous flow to several hairstyles. And, you don’t have to stop at just two layers, you can go with several different lengths to add even more shape and flair. (Which brings us to our last point…)  

Long layers with bangs are extremely versatile 

Since there are a variety of ways you can style the bangs and layers, this hairstyle works for a variety of face shapes and hair types. If you’re unsure of the best style for your long layers with bangs, you can always ask your Fantastic Sams stylist for advice. 

How to maintain long layers with bangs

Good news: long layers with bangs is a fairly low-maintenance hairstyle so you probably won’t have to add a bunch of steps to your daily hair care routine. There are, however, a few changes you might need to make when you go with a layered haircut.

Take extra care of the ends

With layers, it’s extremely important to keep your hair healthy to avoid split ends. Since layers mean multiple hair lengths throughout the style, you’ll have a lot of exposed ends. If you do end up with rough split ends, head into your nearby Fantastic Sams for a trim.

Evaluate your product 

How to style this looks varies based on what kind of layers and bangs you go with but typically hair wax or matte styling clay works best. If you’re looking to add even more volume to the hairstyle, we recommend our Molding Mud. 

Don’t fear a blowout

If you’re looking for a little extra volume with this style, the long layers with bangs style looks fantastic blown out. To blowout your hair, start with the right tools – a blow dryer and a round brush. As you blow dry, brush the inside of your hair starting at the roots and work towards the end of the strand.

Top styles to try with long layers with bangs

Because long layers with bangs is such a versatile style, there are plenty of different sub-styles you can choose from to find the right look for you. Here are just a few of our favorite long layers with bangs styles to try:

Balayage for thick hair


With this style of long layers with bangs, the brunette Balayage counterbalances the bangs perfectly and gives the style a cascading appearance. For more information on Balayage, check out our recent blog post to learn what you need to know about the hair color technique. 

Arched bangs


This style of bangs works great for several facial structures. Arched bangs provide an excellent frame for oval-shaped faces, and can also soften sharp features of square-shaped faces. 

Long peek-a-boo bangs


This style is perfect if you have long, thick hair. Make sure your stylist keeps your fringe at just about chin-length, then style your bangs to the side for a gorgeous look that’s sure to turn heads. 

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