Ponytail Hairstyles for Every Occasion


Ponytail Hairstyles for Every Occasion

We’ve already named the ponytail the white t-shirt equivalent of hair because its practicality combined with its versatility remains unmatched by any other go-to hairstyle. Women have been rocking the ponytail for ages, and although this hairstyle comes from humble beginnings, it has evolved into an iconic hairstyle with multiple variations. We’re talking everything from loose ponytails, to high ponytails, to the party ponytail, the professional ponytail and the messy ponytail––just to name a few. And now that summer is so close that you can almost taste its watermelon-flavored goodness, there’s nothing more convenient than a go-to ponytail for every occasion that looks just as good as your open neck feels in the summer breeze. Here are three ponytails for every occasion.

The Retro Ponytail

The retro ponytail is the girl boss’s staple. If your days are filled with meetings, conference calls and not enough vanilla lattes, this retro ponytail is sure to be the ponytail hairstyle to carry you through the workday with effortless ease and killer confidence. To get this look, first, brush your hair and then tease your hair a little at the top of your head with a comb. Gather your hair together at the crown, secure with a hair elastic, and tighten the ponytail enough for added volume. Use a curling iron on the ends of your hair for bouncy, loose curls to complete the look. Be sure to spray some FS Finishing Spritz before you walk out the door for all-day hold.

The Sleek Ponytail

Go-getter by day and dancing queen by night? The sleek ponytail is your solution to this summer’s brimming social calendar. Riding high and tight at the crown of the head, the sleek ponytail will outlast your dance moves even when your heels don’t at your cousin’s destination wedding or a night out on the town with the ladies. The key to this ponytail hairstyle is FS Smoothing Gel and lots of it. Before pulling your hair back, lather FS Smoothing Gel at the top of your head, and then brush your hair into a high ponytail. Spray some FS Shine Mist for the glossiest look.

The Middle-Parted Loose Ponytail

Whether you’re running errands all day or catching Sunday brunch with the girls, the middle-parted loose ponytail is the perfect hairstyle to pull together any everyday look. This ponytail variation is the perfect mix of flirty and edgy-chic. First, style your hair into a middle part, and then gather your hair into a loose ponytail in one skilled swoop. Secure the ponytail at the middle of your head with a hair elastic and pull out a few strands of hair to frame the face. For the ultimate piecey look, apply FS Pomade to the ponytail.

Whether you’re headed to the grocery store or attending a wedding, there are enough variations of this hairstyle for any occasion. There’s a reason the ponytail will never go out of style!

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