Quick and Easy Ways to Style Short Hair


Quick and Easy Ways to Style Short Hair

Short hair has this reputation for being easy to dry, but not versatile to style. For whatever reason, there’s this persistent delusion that you can’t do much with or for short hair, and so, of course, everyone who’s made a major chop just waits for when their hair is “long enough to do something with it.” But you don’t have to wait any longer. Your hair is the perfect length right now for all of these quick and easy ways to style short hair.

Slicked Back

There are few hairstyles that are more sophisticated than a slicked back short hairdo. Whether you’re going out, going to work, or just going to the grocery store, you will turn heads and make a surefire style statement with your sleek, slicked back hair.

Especially if you’re already sporting an effortlessly chic chin-length bob, you’re bound to look practically modelesque with the help of a little bit of pomade and finishing spray.

Center Parted

Change your hair, change your life: that’s the philosophy behind switching up your part to imbue your short style with a brand new twist.

If you’re committed to the side part, then it may just be time to see where life takes you when you give the center part a shot. You never know what other changes may fall into place!

Messy Bedhead

Short and choppy haircuts are the absolute best for pulling off the quick and easy messy bedhead hairstyle.

What do you need to kick this hairdo up a notch and make it go from sort of sloppy to totally styled? Texturizing spray, of course! Add some pliable volume and a little bit of structure to your messy bedhead hairstyle, and you’ll feel like you’re walking down a runway in no time.

Short hair can’t be beat—especially in the middle of the summer heat. But just because you’ve sacrificed your length, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style.

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