The Real Secrets to Natural-Looking Hair Color


The Real Secrets to Natural-Looking Hair Color

As we get older, it gets harder to maintain natural-looking hair color—especially blonde hair. At a certain point, it begins to look brassy, or worse, dull. Not to mention how much work and attention it needs: the salon visits are endless. Now, though, thanks to innovations in hair color techniques, there are more ways than ever to achieve and maintain natural-looking hair color, be it blonde hair color or otherwise, without having to spend hours in your hairstylist’s chair.

Without further ado, the real secrets to natural-looking hair color:

Hair Color Secret #1: Gloss Smudging

Gloss smudging is one of the hottest ways to get really natural-looking hair color that lasts significantly longer in between salon visits. Instead of highlighting your hair from roots to tips, ask your hairstylist to smudge gloss from your mid-shaft up to your roots to blend it in with your natural hair color.

This technique is relatively new, but it’s one that’s catching the attention of some of the most influential hairstylists and salon owners around the world.

The best part? Because glosses don’t contain ammonium, they’re far less damaging for your hair, which means your hair will not only retain a more natural-looking color, but it will also be noticeably healthier for longer.

Not sure if your hair is healthy enough for color? There’s one quick test you can do at home to determine the health of your hair.

Hair Color Secret #2: Painted On Highlights

We are huge proponents of the whole balayage trend. Foil highlights are fantastic for precision and even coloring, but there’s something so sunkissed and natural about painted on highlights—also known as balayage.  

Painted on highlights allow you to get that natural-looking hair color you enjoyed during your youth. When they’re done right, painted on highlights don’t even look like highlights at all: they just look like you spent the summer tanning in the South of France and just happened to pick up a sunkissed glow along the way.

Like gloss smudging, painted on highlights take little maintenance in between salon visits, so you’re able to pop into the salon whenever you want—not just when you feel like you have to go in for a root touch-up.  

Hair Color Secret #3: Blended Out Roots

Along the same lines as the other two techniques for natural-looking hair color, blended out roots operate under the assumption that you should allow some part of your hair to reflect your natural hair color. You don’t have to embrace your natural hair color altogether, but there are ways to play around with it that make it seem as though platinum blonde could possibly be the hue you were born with. (Your hair color secret is safe with us.)

When you’re trying to achieve the most believable natural-looking hair color, ask your hairstylist for blended out roots that match your natural hair color as much as possible. That way, you don’t have to worry about that stark line between dyed hair and virgin hair.

Mother Nature gave you gorgeous hair. Play it up with these three techniques for natural-looking hair color today.

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