Rock These Hairstyles During Your Next Workout


Rock These Hairstyles During Your Next Workout

There’s nothing more rewarding than completing an intense workout after a long day at the office. No matter what anyone else says, your workout hairstyle matters. Whether you’re jogging around the neighborhood, trying a new kickboxing class, or heading off to your favorite yoga session, the last thing you want is a lopsided bun and a cluster of flyaways to block your vision. So we put our heads together to find a workout hairstyle that is a happy medium between style and practicality. Read on to see which hairstyles you should rock during your next workout that undoubtedly deserve at least some bragging rights.

The Braided Ponytail

We’re taking the go-to ponytail and amping it up a bit. Incorporate a traditional braid into your ponytail for a classic touch or try it with a fishtail, bubble, or pull through braid. This workout-proof hairstyle is versatile enough for an edgy, athletic ensemble and adequately dependable to keep hair taut and out of the face. Not to mention, it couldn’t be easier to achieve. Pull hair into a simple ponytail, and then braid down securing with a hair tie. Spritz a touch of FS Shaping Spray onto the crown of the head, and through the braid to prevent any flyaways.

Towering Top-Knot

We are no stranger to the signature top knot that has become any fashion icon’s staple piece. This functional style can be maintained from the office to the gym without a second thought. Yoga, cycling, or a quick run, the top knot knows no bounds. To achieve this look, pull your hair back from your face and gather it together at the crown of your head. Twist your hair until it begins to coil into a bun and secure with a hairband. Wrap the twisted portion around the base and secure with a tie. Use FS Pomade to sculpt and hold this style for the duration of your sweat sesh.

Mini Half-Up Bun

Calling all of our short-haired ladies! Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you. Oftentimes, those with hair cut above the collarbone have a hard time finding styles that work for daily exercise. If your hair is too short to stay put in a ponytail, but too long for a simple headband to do the job, the mini half-up bun is the workout hairstyle for you. This innovative, edgy style is the perfect solution for all women with short hair. Pull your hair into a half-up floppy bun and pull tight to keep the hair out of your face. Make sure the bun stays intact with FS Smoothing Gel.

Whatever your daily workout consists of, try one of these exercise-friendly hairstyles to make sure your hair stays out of the way during your last five minutes of cardio and still looks great.

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