Scary or Sweet? The Best Kids’ Halloween Hairstyles This Year


The witching hour is upon you, and you need some serious magic to put the finishing touches on the kids’ Halloween look. Whether you’ve planned their costumes for weeks in advance or are in a mad, last-minute rush to DIY, we’ve got Halloween hair ideas to bring it all together.

With no time to spare before trick-or-treating is underway, take a look at these frightfully easy options.

Scare up some volume


Hard-working witches and ghoulish girls know volumized hair adds to the illusion of mystery and madness. An easy night-before option is to braid her hair wet, so she wakes to loose waves in the morning that can be fluffed and sprayed. To get volume at the roots, gently tease or back-comb the hair at the crown. There’s a right and wrong way to do this though. To keep from damaging hair, use smooth strokes, not back-and-forth brushing or combing. Don’t forget that whatever you do to her hair will need to be undone later. So, before too much teasing, think about detangling later. Finally, set her Halloween hair with our Finishing Spray.

Slick back your superhero


What’s more fun than being a superhero? Flying, super strength, invisibility! But, unless he or she has x-ray vision, your child will need to keep their hair out of their eyes to nab nighttime villains. Set your hero off for a safe walk around the neighborhood by using product that slicks or spikes their strands. We have several options that can be applied on either wet or dry hair to lock in the look. Here are a few we recommend:  X-treme Gel, Pomade, or go with our Grooming Creme for kids with curly or wavy hair that needs smoothed.

Get attached to accessories


You’ve probably heard it said that accessories make the outfit. What you may not have heard is how to keep hair accessories attached when the wind is howling or the rain is pouring. First, consider accessories for more than appearance, but also functionality. Look for headbands that have teeth or a heavier base to balance any attached ears, hats or other flair. When clipping hats, feathers or other adornments in place, use as broad of a hair section as possible to help keep the piece from slipping and pulling on delicate strands. Bobby pins should be inserted with the grooved side toward the scalp. Try not to expand the pin too much, or it can lose its tension.

Just the way they are!


If the jack-o-lantern still isn’t lit, the doorbell is ringing and you’re struggling to get the kids to eat Just. One. More. Bite. of dinner before going out, don’t add to the stress. It’s ok to put on those costumes, and leave their hair just as it is. Really. Instead of spiking, brushing, twisting, coloring and spraying, concentrate on making memories with your monsters. 

One more thing

At Fantastic Sams, we’re really good at getting post-Halloween hair back to looking great and healthy. Come see us on November 1, if you need a little help.

We’d love to see how your family Halloween turned out. Visit one of our salons for your next appointment, or show us your pictures on social @fantasticsams!


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