Shine So Bright With These Gold and Silver Hair Color Ideas


If you want to give your hair a burst of shine, adding highlights are a low-maintenance way to update your look without the hassle. Hints of silver, gold and even bronze can be added to the mix of hues to give hair a shimmer of color in a variety of ways. From the subtle to the far out, there is a rainbow of options to add dimension. 

Techniques on trend

While the end results can seem very similar, ombre is more of a type of style while balayage is a technique. Both are low-maintenance as the color is gradually worked through the hair, not a single color hair dye that requires monthly applications to maintain. The new methods not only give you great hair but save you time and visits to your stylist.

With an ombre look, the ends of the hair are are colored differently than the hair at the crown, but with balayage the hair is hand-painted with purposeful strokes to give a more blended, natural look.

There are more methods rolling out in the new year, including “twilighting”, a mixture of ombre and balayage with strategically placed foil highlights around the crown mixed in with painted on balayage pieces in the back.

The possibilities and combinations of color are endless, giving way to surprising trends.

Silver blends


Not only is gray back in style among some, but silver hair is trending. Combining blonde highlights with the existing sparkle that may have once seemed dated now mixes beautifully, creating a fresh and striking contrast of shimmer.

A silver ombre hair color can bring out the platinum essence at the ends while silver balayage can give the hair a more textured look. Purples, blues, and lilacs can be layered with silver – one at a time, or even all together - to give your hair a fresh edge.

And if you’re someone who still isn’t ready to embrace the silver, your stylist can target the gray strands in your hair as they highlight, both covering and blending without the need for a single process.  Add in some dark at the roots for more mystery and depth to your style.

Grab the gold


From blonde to bronze and all the way to rose gold, there is a variety of ways to turn up the sunshine by adding gold shades to your hair.

You can bring out summer all year round with an all over golden blonde, layered with just enough lowlights to give your style depth. Golden touches can brighten up your current color with a subtle ombre or balayage.

Rose gold is a trend gaining tons of popularity. You can add light rosy streaks to your blonde highlights or dial it up for a true pink glimmer or a copper finish . The best part is that no style looks alike, the colors can be the same but the outcome is different for every guest.

No boundaries on how to shine

As with any color treatment, make sure to condition your hair on a regular basis to make your tresses bright and smooth rather than dull and dry. The key to any polished look is healthy hair.

The new silver and gold trends can seem risky, but with the help of your favorite stylist, you can make whatever shade you choose your own. Bump up the silver at the ends, or add pink to your golden highlights for a more daring style. Be bold with blue or purple threaded through your locks. Many options mean no limits!

We’d love to see how you make one of these trends your own. Visit one of our salons for your next appointment, or show us on social @fantasticsams!


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