Short Hair Don't Care: We're Loving These Short Hairstyles for Women


Nothing makes a statement like a new haircut

The shorter you go with your hair, the bolder your statement is. There is something both freeing and terrifying about cutting it all off, but don’t let the fear stop you! From bobs to pixies and everything in between, there are endless options to choose from. A new hairstyle can give you new confidence to go with that updated look, and your stylist is always happy to guide you toward what’s best for your hair type and daily lifestyle.

The choppy bob


This is a go-to for anyone who wants shorter hair but isn’t ready for a radical change. The choppy layers allow you to ease into a cropped style while still holding on to your length. It’s both easy to grow out if you end up missing your long locks and a good stepping stone to a more significant cut. Messy is a key component in this style, making maintenance minimal. Tousled or asymmetrical, you can enjoy a longer short style while keeping a decent amount of your length. You may be surprised at how just a few inches off the bottom of your tresses can refresh your entire look.

The best part about it is, no two bobs are equal. Talk to your stylist about how to make this style uniquely yours.

The in-between


A shorter, inverted bob is a great way to ease into a much shorter style. Adding bold highlights of color can also add depth to fine hair and make this short hairstyle even more striking. You can go with a subtle golden balayage or bright blues or purples. It can be as soft or as edgy as you feel comfortable with. While this look requires more stylist maintenance than you may be used to, it’s a great way to find out just how short you can go – and be happy with. You can still pull it back if needed for a hot day or a workout, but this is a much more drastic change than the choppy bob with longer grow-out time.

Cute as a pixie


A pixie cut is one of the more daring shorter styles and requires a bigger commitment. You can ask your stylist for a feathered cut to add softness and bounce to fine hair or keep it close to the scalp with face-framing pieces. For an edgier look, ask your stylist shave the sides or create a V-shaped nape. As short hairstyles go, this one definitely dives into the deep end. You may find this to be the riskiest option, but after all these months of playing it safe at home, don’t be afraid to go bold with your hair to end this year on a fantastic note! Before you go all in, just be prepared for the extra salon maintenance a short hair cut requires, along with a longer growing out period if you decide it isn’t for you. Chat with your stylist about what you’re ready for and how to get there.

Shed the length and embrace the freedom!


Chopping off your hair can seem like a scary notion, but it can also be liberating. And like all hair adventures, the results don’t have to be permanent if you don’t want them to be. Experiment with an array of different styles and you may find out that your best look came from your biggest risk. Talk to your stylist and take that chance today!


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