Simple Summer Hairstyles to Help Beat the Heat


Now that July 4th is behind us, we’re stepping into the real dog days of summer. Temperatures peaking into the upper eighties or even nineties combined with stifling humidity are the new normal for many parts of the country over the next couple of months. As you lay by the pool or sunbathe on the beach, the last thing you want to have to think about is maintaining a complicated, sweaty hairstyle. In this post, we’ll give you some ideas to keep your tresses looking cute while keeping you cool.

The faithful ponytail


Ponytails are a go-to for women with long hair for a reason. Whether you’re in between washings, mid-workout or simply trying to lift your tresses off your damp neck on a scorching day, it’s a style that can work on everyone with any hair type. You can wear it high or low, loose or tight, wrap a piece of hair around it for a sophisticated look or play with clips and accessories to make it your own. You can even create different types of braids going into the ponytail or within the loose strands, if you have the length. This is an easy option that will never go out of style.

Bless the messy bun


Like the ponytail, the bun is a long time, easy, looks-good-on-everyone style that is perfect for summer. You can pile it on top of your head in a deliberate messy way with wisps of hair framing your face, or slick it back with carefully placed bobby pins for a ballerina look. This go-to works for all hair types and most lengths for a cute and sophisticated way to beat the heat.

Half up, half down


If you have a summer party to attend and want to wear your hair down, but know a full blow out won’t hold up in the heat, a half up, half down option is a great way to show off your length while keeping cool. This style keeps the hair away from your face and allows you to wear your hair down without feeling so heavy. You can leave the bottom straight or curl it with some waves to keep it fun and fresh for that summer celebration.

Take a break and leave it be


Think of summer like a break for your hair. You can keep a short bob of your natural curls and all you have to do is make sure they’re conditioned and healthy. Put away the blow dryer and straightener until September. All you need is a headband or ponytail holder to keep it off your face if it becomes too heavy. This is the season of relaxation and no fuss, and extending that to your hairstyle can be liberating.

Work with your stylist

At your next appointment, discuss how you’d like to keep your hair during the sultry months of summer and what style would be the easiest for you to maintain. If you plan on being outdoors in the sun playing sports or want to work on your tan, bangs or anything new may not be a timely choice. Make your summer hairstyle simple and look good while doing it!

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