Slicked Back or Styled Bangs: Men’s Edition


Guys, let’s talk about bangs. Not something you hear often, but whether you’re talking about it or not, men’s bangs are part of your style decision each time you sit in your stylist’s chair. This front fringe, or often referred to as just fringe, can give a completely different look to your cut.

Three considerations that may affect your call to have or keep bangs are:  your style, your face shape and your commitment to keeping the style looking fresh with regular maintenance, and maybe a little product, too.



Often a male’s first encounter with bangs happens early in life when his hair is combed forward from the crown and trimmed in a relatively straight line just over the eyebrows. Blunt-cut bangs are a classic starter style for little boys, but bangs in general are a style for all ages. If you’re looking for a more grown-up appearance, there are countless ways to pull off men’s bangs without looking like you’re in preschool.

Talking to your stylist about your personal style is a great place to start when thinking about how to best reflect your personality with the right cut. Are you more conservative, relaxed, edgy or something else? Let your stylist know, and he or she is bound to have a couple suggestions to bring out the look.



It doesn’t matter if you’re male, female or gender fluid, bangs can flatter your look with the length and angle of the cut. Another consideration is the surrounding hair and how it’s blended into your bangs, or if you prefer a more obvious difference between the rest of your hair and blunt bangs. Your stylist will also factor in the texture of your hair - for example whether it’s fine, straight or curly - when helping you decide on the best approach to frame your face.

Men’s bangs focus more on the height and width of the forehead (rather than the face shape for women’s bangs), and should factor in your personal style and commitment to keeping the cut maintained with routine hair appointments and styling products.

Whether you choose thicker, side-cut or choppy bangs to add angles, side swept bangs that bring attention to the eyes, wispy, loose bangs or longer bangs that graze your eyebrows, men’s bangs can help cover large foreheads, visually shorten longer faces or just enhance your style and unique look.



We’ve been building up to this, but commitment isn’t just for relationships. Commitment is key for appearance, whether it’s eating right, hitting the gym or taking care of your hair. If you’re a wash-and-go guy, be sure your stylist understands that the most product you’re ready to handle is a good shampoo, and they’ll be sure your fringe cut can hold its style without support. (BTW, we recommend our 2-in-1 Shampoo with Conditioner for zero commitment or Refresh Shampoo for clean hair and a moisturized scalp.)

If you’re willing to step up your game, longer bangs that are swept to the side, volumized at the root or slicked back need product to stay in place. Grooming Creme will be your new best buddy. Your stylist can work with you on the best application based on your cut and texture.


That’s it, guys. We’ve covered the long and short of what to consider for men’s bangs that reflect who you are and how you want to look.

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