Spot on Shadow Roots for Every Hair Color


Spot on Shadow Roots for Every Hair Color

It seems as though every time we ask, the hair world answers our prayers. Low maintenance hair colors are crucial for the girl that’s always on the go. Balayage and ombre started to make their debut back in 2014, and as a result, other techniques began to follow. The number one complaint that women of all ages claim to have is, how are we supposed to control root grow out? Our answer is, maybe you don’t have to.

Shadow root is a root coloring technique used to paint on natural, darker color to the root of the hair, masking grow out as it occurs. We often see this trend employed with blonde highlighted hair. However, the shadow root has made its way across the board, incorporating itself into all the predominant color families. Read on to see which shadow root technique fits best with your hair color. 

Shadow Roots for Blondes

Being the first color family introduced to this craft, we’ve got this trend down pat. However, there are various different routes you can take when integrating a shadow root into blonde hair. Are you dirty blonde or platinum? Does your hue lean more towards ashy or golden? All of these factors must be taken into consideration when choosing the correct color.

For those sporting a more golden, darker blonde tinge, opt for a warm brown undertone. This color will work cohesively with the blonde to eliminate unwanted grow out. Ladies rocking the platinum or ash coloring need a root that reflects the same tone. In this case, muted dark blonde or brown should be used.

The most important approach to master when committing to a shadow root is blending––especially with blonde hair. We want the result to be as natural as possible. Melding the hair colors together to achieve a color melted look is the goal.  Or, should we say, #HairGoal.

Shadow Roots for Brunettes

It is a bit easier to achieve a shadow root for women with a brunette hue. This color is often integrated to enhance the hair, not necessarily to mask an ingrown root. We see brunette balayage plastered all over our favorite fashion magazines. Deep lowlights infused with caramel colored highlights delivering the more beautiful multidimensional look.

So how can we incorporate a shadow root into a color that is already inherently dark? It’s quite simple actually. Just go darker. Not only will this chocolate brown contrast give the hair more dimension, but it will draw the eye away from naturally grown out highlights. 

Shadow Roots for Red Heads

Balayage has made its way into yet another color family, and we are obsessed. Whereas red hair was once a shade uninterrupted by any other hue, stylists are now starting to mix it up a bit. Whether it’s auburn, copper, or mahogany, red hair color options are endless. Depending on the hue, and the addition of color, a shadow root is an exceptional addition to any red-headed beauty. 

Keep your hair up on the latest fashion trend, and opt for a shadow root at your next salon appointment. Daring dimension and head-turning highlights are always achievable for any hue. Follow Fantastic Sams on Facebook and Instagram @fantasticsams for more hair tips and tricks!

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