Style Inspiration for the Best Valentine's Day Hair


It’s the month of love! Whether you have a new sweetheart, a long-time love or are living your best life solo, this time of year can present some stress (what to get that special someone, how to celebrate, will I ever find love…the list goes on), but the least of your worries should be your hair! We’ve got you covered with some fantastic style inspiration for the absolute best Valentine’s Day hair.

Love and relationships can be hard, but styling your hair for your date night or Galentine’s celebration shouldn’t be. Read on for some ideas, try something new and don’t forget to show us your lovely looks on social!

Crown yourself

Celebrate your inner royalty by wearing a crown for your festivities this year.


Start by adding lots of waves or curls with an iron or wand all over your head to pump up the volume before styling your crown. Then, gather a small section of hair on one side of your head near the temple. Start braiding that section back toward the crown of your head, adding small pieces of hair into the braid as you go. Once you reach the crown of your head, secure the braided strand with a bobby pin. Repeat this process for the other side of the head. You’ll have a gorgeous braided crown and full wavy locks, just like the queen you are.

And before you get disheartened by your subpar braiding skills, try a different version with twists instead of braids. Same concept with gathering the small section on either side, but twist the strands upward toward the top of your head while adding small pieces as you work your way to the back of your head.

This style works with short, medium or long hair, so no excuses…give it a try.

Braid it back


If you’re short on time or looking for minimal effort with great-looking results, try a low braided style. This works best with longer hair, but even shoulder-length cuts can get the look. You might only get a few passes into your plait before running out of length, but you can also take that as an opportunity to add a little something extra. Wrap a small satin ribbon around your elastic, tame your flyaway side-hairs with some sparkly barrettes or add a velvety headband for a luxurious touch.

Turn up the volume

For short to medium length hair, wearing your hair up can sometimes be a challenge. Shorter pieces or layers fall out of the style, or maybe you’re just not a fan of putting all of your hair up.


In either case, try wearing your hair down but approach it differently by focusing on maximum volume overall, rather than where to place specific strands or sections of hair.

Start with a volumizing product like our Thick & Full Root Booster, spraying on damp hair before blow drying upside down with a round brush.

Then, use a large-barrel curling iron to add waves of volume all over your head. Hot rollers work great, too!

Pro tip: When styling the hair on the top of the head, start by holding the strands straight up and curling them backward, rather than letting the hair lay flat and just styling the lower portion.

For longer hair, you might need some extra help from our Shaping Spray while styling, to keep your waves in place and not weighed down by your hair’s length.


Or, if you’re wanting to volumize without the curls, you can do that, too. Straight hair can look great in a big way with the right styling product.

Wave to Cupid

Inspire love (of your hair, of course!) by adding some beachy waves to your mane. Short or long, thin or thick – no matter your hair’s length or texture, you can add waves.


Start with a heat protectant and grab your favorite styling wand or flat iron. Grab small sections of hair from around your head, adding waves in alternating directions. Go all out by waving your whole head, or just specific sections for a more tousled finish. Separate your waves by hand, finger-combing for a softer look and secure your style with a Finishing Spray.


Wherever your Valentine’s Day takes you this year – dinner and a movie, girls’ night or avoiding love altogether with your bestie, you’re now prepared with some great hairstyle inspiration. More than anything, it’s about stepping outside of your comfort zone, trying something new and seeing where it takes you.

Sounds a bit like love, right?


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