Stylish and Easy Hairstyles To Do At Home


Some of us may still be working from home, educating the homeschoolers or may simply have fallen into a hairstyle rut. It’s so easy to do. Our routines are turned upside down – and often, our hair falls victim to our busy schedules. Not to worry though, you can spruce up your look for your next virtual meeting, work-from-home selfie or to change up your look for a little confidence boost.

Opt for one of these stylish and easy hairstyles to do at home, as your new go-to look, or give them all a try to keep your style fresh. Changing up your hairstyle can even put you in a new frame of mind, ready to take on new challenges or conquer your to-do list, whatever it may contain.

Sleek and stylish center part


A quick way to polish your at-home hairstyle is to give it a stylish center part. Adding a crisp part and a little Fantastic Sams styling pomade can smooth out your look and give off a more professional vibe. Curl a few waves into the front section with a large-barrel curling iron or flat iron to give the length a little volume, whether you have chin length or super long locks. If you’re not into the center part, this look works just as well with a side part.



A headband or barrette can easily transform your lazy-girl hairstyle into a fresh, stylish look. Whether you choose a bow, sequins, sparkles, metallic or thick-padded style, make sure you have a few on hand to switch up your look when the mood strikes, and avoid falling into another hairstyle rut.

The most difficult part of using an accessory is choosing just one – headbands and barrettes can certainly be addicting, and we encourage you to express your personal style with unique accessories.

Half-up styles


Whether you are in front of a computer all day, managing virtual learning activities or something in between, sometimes you just want to get your hair out of your face. Or, honestly, you might just need a change of pace – something different in your day to help get you through. The half-up style is perfect to refresh your at-home look, and there are many variations to spice it up.

Try pulling the sides back into a low-slung elastic to let your face be the center of attention. You could also leave some face-framing strands out to compliment your face shape, or to show off your side-swept bangs. Alternatively, you could start with a sleek center or side part (see first example), then pull the sides back, yielding a more polished look.


If you’re on back-to-back video calls or even just taking some selfies to update your profile, a half-up top knot is a different variation that shows some personality. Gather your hair higher on the top so it’s visible on video or camera, and let the sides fall naturally – or, shape them a bit with the help of a styling tool or Fantastic Sams product.

The high pony


You’ve probably perfected your ponytail already, but there are many variations on this classic – some which you may not have tried just yet. It’s easy to keep styling your hair the same every single day, but we encourage you to try a high pony next you are tying your hair back. Positioning your ponytail a little higher on your head can give you a new attitude – and a whole new look! Add a scrunchie or make it a power pony by wrapping some hair around your elastic to hide it.

Braids for the win


Maybe you’re not feeling a ponytail and maybe you don’t have the right headband or accessory for your chosen outfit for the day. Whatever the case, braids can spruce up any hairstyle. For longer hair, try braiding the whole length down to one side and letting it hang to the front. Loosen it up with your fingers for a more boho-chic style, or smooth it down with a tighter braid for a different vibe.

You could also add one or two small braids on the top or sides of a down-style to add some of your unique personality to an otherwise basic hairstyle.


Just because our lives and the ability to go out and participate in some activities has changed just a bit this year, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your hair at home. As they say, “variety is the spice of life” – and we feel this applies to at-home hairstyles like it does with every other aspect of our lives. Happy hairstyling!

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