Stylist Life Q & A: What’s to Love & Staying Inspired


If you’ve ever wondered about becoming a hair stylist, you’ve probably pondered what exactly it would be like day-to-day, working in a salon environment, with all types of guests and most importantly, if you would fit in.

While it’s true that everyone is different and has their own preferences and motivations for choosing their career, it can also help to get some insight from a professional in the field you’re considering. Sure, you’ve been IN a salon, probably several, but do you know what it’s actually like working in one? Or, more generally speaking, working in the salon industry?

To help you decide if a hair stylist career is right for you – or if you’re curious about the daily life of a stylist – read on to learn about some of the aspects of salon life, where one of our seasoned pros dishes out the answers to your burning questions.

Why did you want to become a hair stylist?

I’ve always loved expressing my creativity, so I wanted to find a career that allowed myself to do that. Also, I love people. I love learning about their different backgrounds and lives, so that curiosity about people combined with my artistic interest, led me to a salon career. Now, after being in this industry for over a decade, it is even more rewarding than I ever expected because people leave here feeling better about themselves and replenished, and I know I helped them with that.


What is your favorite aspect of day-to-day salon life?

There are a lot of things to love about working in a salon. Our location has been here for almost 40 years – I think it was actually one of the first to open in the state – and because of that, we have a lot of very loyal customers who come back again and again. They’re like our family. Plus, all of the stylists who work here as well, we have become a big family. People come here not only to get their hair done, but to talk about their lives and problems. You always hear that saying, “if the walls could talk” – that’s definitely true here. We’ve heard it all because we’re all one big family.

I also really like making my guests’ visions become a reality. When they bring in a photo of a cut or color they’re interested in, I enjoy the challenge of that transformation and seeing their excitement when that vision has been created. I personally prefer doing color, since it’s usually more of a dramatic change as opposed to a cut.

How do you stay inspired and on top of the latest hair trends?

I like to read fashion magazines to see what the celebrities are wearing and how they’re doing their hair, just to stay up-to-date on the popular trends. Social media is also a go-to, since that’s where everyone is posting their style now, and it’s instantaneous. It’s inspiring to see so many people with great ideas, sharing their personal stories and even tutorials to help others learn how to style their wardrobe and hair better. The company (Fantastic Sams) also has conferences and ongoing training opportunities to help maintain our expertise.


If you could share only one hair care tip, what would it be?

Wash your hair less often, a maximum of two to three times per week. Especially in cooler weather, since it dries out your hair even more, it’s important to keep the natural oils in your hair for moisture. Some of my guests were washing their hair every day, but after switching to every other day or even less than that, they saw an improvement in the overall look and health of their hair.

I’d also recommend getting a regular trim every two months or so, to keep the split ends to a minimum and keep your hair looking its best.


Now that you’ve had a peek into the life of a stylist, are you inspired to learn more? It’s certainly not a career for everyone – you need the ambition, determination and curiosity to make it happen. There are a lot of perks of joining a well-known brand like Fantastic Sams for your salon career and we absolutely love hearing from our stylists and the things they love about their job.

Even if a salon career is not the right path for you, we do encourage you to “find your fantastic!”


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