These are Said to be 2018's Most Popular Hairstyles


These are Said to be 2018's Most Popular Hairstyles

As we remember the legacy of 2017’s most influential hair trends, we are launched into the invigorating twelve months that started with a bold statement pixie haircut, followed by playful hair colors inspired by everything from gemstones to lifestyle trends. We were then swept away by the chin-length bob and ended the year trying out different hair accessories we hadn't seen in years!

In short, the hair inspiration that defined 2017 kept us on our toes and our hair on trend. In continuing our search for more sources of hair inspiration, we pick up 2018’s trendiest hair fads right where 2017 left off. According to some of today's top celebrity hairstylists, these are said to be 2018's most popular hairstyles.


Strong bob

All kinds of variations of the bob haircut have made a name for themselves for generations. And 2018 already has its own take on the timeless haircut. If you’ve rocked a version of the bob haircut before, then you already know how well the haircut flatters any face shape. But this year the bob haircut is back and better than ever with strong geometric lines that make a stark statement in any crowd. The strong bob haircut brings back the short, sharp edges that we lost with the lob craze, yet it stays true to the short and playful look we love so much. If you’re looking to switch up your hair this year, you can never go wrong with the strong bob.


Feather bangs

It’s been a long time coming, but bangs are finally making a serious comeback in 2018. This time around bangs are coming back with a bit more personality. You’ll be seeing feathered bangs taking over the hair world in 2018. Feather bangs can be as short or as long as you like, but they are characterized with a bit of a wispy hair texture for one of the most romantic looks of all. The wispiness of the feathered bang adds a whimsical touch to any haircut.


S-wave chop

If we could pick two words to sum up the s-wave chop, we would choose elegance and sophistication because that is exactly what this haircut achieves. The s-waves give your hair a bit of a 1920’s Gatsby feel for one of the chicest hairstyles you’ll be seeing this year. Your first step to mastering this hairstyle is to find your closest salon and make a hair appointment to chop off your locks to your desired length. And we are absolutely loving a chin-length haircut for this look. In short, the s-wave chop is making headlines in 2018 and is an instant hit for all of our boss ladies out there whose personality has the poise that matches the haircut.


Cascading layers

Layered haircuts have been around for a while now, but layers are now more voluminous than ever. Cascading layers are coming in hot in 2018 with their face-framing technique that has had our hearts for years. But cascading layers contain layers that taper from the top of your roots to the tips of your hair. This kind of cut adds more and more texture and volume to your hair closer to the tips and looks best on medium to long lengths. The overall effect of cascading layers adds a cool yet completely charming touch to any look.


Super long locks

One of 2018’s most sought-after hairstyles is taking hair to extreme lengths. No matter what type of hair you have, super long locks are making a name for themselves this year. Whether you have voluminous curls or the straightest of strands, rock your natural hair this year in the most noticeable way possible. Grow out your hair or look into hair extensions to get the long and luscious length that is sure to turn heads in 2018.


2018 has all sorts of good things in store, and they all begin with these most popular hairstyles. Choose one of these five hairstyles, and you’ll be sure to make a statement this year.

If you’re on the hunt for more hair inspiration, check out why we’re obsessing over natural hair trends.

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