Three Fantastic Back to School Haircuts for Girls


School supplies, checkups, immunizations and new clothes are likely on your list before sending your littles back to class. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to add back to school haircuts for your kids. Whether they need a quick trim for healthy looking hair or a new style, our stylists are ready to help. Need some inspiration? Consider these three fantastic haircuts for school-aged girls.

Round bob


Is there anything more adorable and easier to manage than a bob on a young girl?

No need to struggle through mornings racing to style her hair while you’re trying to get out the door. This short, rounded bob depends on the cut itself to fall perfectly into place. Worn with or without bangs, the round bob can be parted on the side or center. Slight layering at the bottom keeps hair looking thicker and lets it naturally tuck under.

To keep the cut looking smooth and soft, use our Shine Serum on damp hair to prevent frizzies. It takes just seconds to apply before combing through to dry naturally or using a rounded brush and blow dryer. For moms and dads on the run, the round bob is a great time-saving option, while making sure the special girl in your life has a put-together look.



If you thought the round bob was carefree, you’ll love the pixie. This smart and sassy look will set your special girl apart from the rest of the class.

Pixie cuts are great for girls who are full of personality and confidence, but short on patience for high maintenance hairstyling. Like the bob, the pixie relies mostly on a good cut to easily fall into place. Short all over or with more length at the top, pixies are even more defined by using a little styling product on the layers and ends. Reach for our Molding Mud to work through her hair, and style with your fingers. This quick look increases your chances of getting her to school long before the first bell rings every day.  

Long with or without layers


Long hair, styled with ponytails, braids and bows or left loose and flowing, is a classic schoolgirl look. This go-to choice is best kept with routine trims for shaping and taking off damaged ends. Seeing our stylists ensures long hair won’t become stringy or straggly and gives it a healthier, thicker appearance. Also, they can show you how to make the cut look its best straight, with natural curls or styled.

Whether you have long hair or you take care of hers, you know that tangles are the enemy and product is your friend. Our FS Thick n Full Conditioner is a must for tear-free brushing. Simply apply after shampooing, wait a couple minutes and rinse. For even more detangling action, use Style Prep 10 before styling. It helps the brush glide through her hair, defines natural curls, adds shine to any hair type and minimizes breakage.


In the classroom, on the field or on stage, these cuts will help her look her best and feel confident as she starts another school year.

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