Tiger Eye Highlights: #HairColorGoals


Tiger Eye Highlights: #HairColorGoals 

Inspired by tiger eye gemstones, tiger eye highlights are undoubtedly royally fierce. They’re this year's answer to the balayage trend, and they’re flattering for just about every skin tone. With all the buzz about this new hair color fad, it’s getting pretty hard to deny that tiger eye highlights are this year’s #HairColorGoals.

Before we can get into how you achieve the look for yourself, we really need to examine the fascinating origins of the tiger eye highlight trend.

It started with this gem right here:

The tiger eye (also commonly called “tiger’s eye) is a multifaceted natural gemstone that represents confidence, harmony, balance, and decisiveness.

Not sure you want to take the plunge and apply for that new job? Tiger eye highlights will give you that extra push in the right direction. Feeling anxious about signing up for kickboxing classes? Tiger eye highlights will have you humming “Eye of the Tiger” and punching the air like Rocky for days.

But in all seriousness, tiger eye highlights are gorgeous, natural-looking, and blend so well you won’t have to worry about your roots every 6 weeks. (Though you should still use a color-protecting shampoo to keep your locks looking lustrous.)

What are tiger eye highlights?

Essentially, tiger eye highlights are a blend of caramel, warm mocha, and cinnamon highlights, arranged to give the impression of a luminescent gemstone.

How do I get tiger eye highlights?

But aren’t tiger eye gemstones, you know, stripey? Before you have traumatic flashbacks to early 2000’s chunky highlights, take a deep breath.

Because tiger eye highlights are applied using the balayage technique (also known as “hair painting”), they’re far more subtle and look much more natural than foil highlights.

We mentioned it before, but this technique also allows you to wait a few months—as opposed to a few weeks—between touch-ups.

Want to keep your gemstone hair color looking especially polished? Try treating your hair to a weekly color-protecting masque.

Ready to start humming “Eye of the Tiger” to yourself as you take on all the challenges 2017 throws at you? Walk into your local Fantastic Sams and ask for tiger eye highlights today. When you rock a stone-cold stunning look like this, you’re bound to Always Be Fantastic.

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