Top 7 Hair Color Trends for 2017


Top 7 Hair Color Trends for 2017

Changing up your hair color for the new year will probably never go out of style. That said, it’s always a good idea to be on top of the latest hair color trends. It’s 2017, and it’s the year of subtle enhancements, ladies.

You’ve probably heard some of these terms bandied about. On social media. In the hottest gossip mag. From your best friend who sends way too many emojis in one message.

But do you know what these 2017 hair color trends actually mean? We do.

Don’t worry. We’ll fill you in!

#1. Babylights

This trend is about as subtle as they come. Perfect for those who aren’t looking to take a huge leap (but still want to liven up their beauty routine), babylights are the smallest— and cutest— of highlights.

They’re made to mimic the same sorts of sun-kissed highlights you had as a little kid.

Babylights are natural-looking, fresh, and oh-so-hot for 2017.

#2. Color Bleed

On the opposite end of the hair color spectrum, color bleed is for the bold, brash, beautiful, and brilliant. (Okay, you can be all of those things and still just want babylights).

Color bleed is the perfect marriage of bright, candy-colored goodness and soft, natural hues, all blended seamlessly together.

It gives the appearance that the pop of color— think magenta, electric blue, emerald, etc.— is simply bleeding out of your natural color.  

#3. Sombre

We all know and love the ombre look. It’s been going strong for a few years now. And like all good things that have been popular for a while, it’s time to take ombre to the next level.


By toning it down a little, actually. Funnily enough, the latest hair color trend has been to take the traditional ombre idea and make it a little...softer. Take the edge off a bit.

It’s called sombre”— subtle ombre.

So if you’re already rocking the ombre look, you can pull off sombre super easily by adding a few natural-looking lowlights and toning down the contrast.

And if you haven’t made your foray into the ombre world, you can always ask your hairstylist to brighten up your look with sombre.   

#4. Ronze

Have you always wanted to go red, but feared the commitment to frequent touch-ups? Well, ladies, ronze is here to make your hair color dreams come true.

A lower maintenance cousin of the bombshell red we all know and love, ronze is the perfect blend of red copper and bronze brunette, hence the name “ronze.”

The best part? This 2017 hair color trend works for all skin tones and shades.

#5. Bronde

Speaking of hair color blends, bronde is another one of the hottest trends in hair color this year.

In case you hadn’t already guessed it, “bronde” is a mixture of blonde and brunette. It’s a happy medium between the two shades, and it’s flattering on just about everyone.

#6. Dusty Rose

Jumping on the subtle bandwagon for 2017, dusty rose is a faint but flattering hue that’s perfect for those who rocked an all-over blonde or ombre look during the summer and fall.  

Deepen your cool with some soft magenta over warm blonde to create “dusty rose”— one of 2017’s top hair color trends.  

#7. Tortoise Shell

Also known as “ecaille”, tortoise shell hair is a definite must-try hair color this year.

Tortoise shell consists of a darker base— think chocolate or espresso— and paints on a beautiful, multidimensional blend of chestnut, honey, golden blonde, and even some mahogany tones.

It’s like sporting your favorite, chic pair of sunglasses all year long: perfect, stylish, and easy!

That wraps it up for the top hair color trends for 2017. Want tips for keeping your newly dyed hair healthy? Check out this article about maintaining the health of your hair!

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