Top Haircuts for Men with Thin Hair


Guys, it may not be today, tomorrow or even next month, but at some point in your future, you may have to accept that your hair is thinning.

Or, let’s consider another scenario: you were born with thin hair.

Either way, not to worry. We’re here with some of the top haircuts for men with thin hair, to keep you looking and feeling great.

The Classic Buzz Cut


If you’re a low-maintenance kind of guy or looking for something new, you just have to try this no-fuss fashionable cut. The buzz cut is just what it sounds like – buzzed, or very short hair – all over the head. Typically all the hair is the same miniscule length, but you could also have the hairline faded a bit to add extra personality.

The bonus to this cut is, if you’re not completely sold on the length, it will likely be grown out enough in a few weeks to transition into our next cut.

The Crew Cut


The crew cut differs slightly from the buzz cut, mainly in terms of the length of hair on top of the head. Rather than buzzing the hair the same length all over your head, the crew cut is generally classified by a longer top length with shorter sides. Think: buzzed or faded around the sides and back with a half inch to two-inch length on top.

The crew is a classic cut that doesn’t need much styling help, but depending on the thickness of your hair, you can opt to add a little texture and definition with our Hard Wax. Just rub a pea-sized amount into your palm and work into dry hair before styling.

The “Almost” Pompadour


We’re calling this one the “almost” pompadour since the pomp style usually requires longer hair on top. Pompadour styles are super trendy and fashionable, and even if you don’t have thick, luxurious locks, you can still rock the look.

To get it, you’ll need one to three inches of hair on top of your head, with the sides and back cut short. You can also have the front length a little longer for added styling potential.

Achieving the volume and shine characteristic of the pompadour style may be a little more tricky, but with the help of the right styling wax or pomade, your hair – not to mention your mood – will be lifted to new heights.

This cut looks best when styled straight back away from the face.

The Side-Swept High Fade


If you like to have a little more length to your style, try this side-swept cut. The high fade aspect makes the hair on top seem fuller in comparison, while the top length has the ability to cover any thinning areas.

Keep your style in place all day long (any prevent any flyaways) with some Grooming Creme. It also helps create that smooth, sleek, finished look that’s perfect for the office, date night or any occasion in between.

The Hard Part Undercut


Take your side-swept style to a new level with the hard part undercut.

The hard part, also known as a razor line or razor part adds some edginess to your look. While the hard part can add flair to a multitude of styles, we actually love it best with an undercut.

To get this look, the hair below the part should be buzzed or high-faded for maximum distinction from the longer top. Styling time can be lessened with a shorter length on top, or if you don’t mind taking a few minutes to perfect it in the morning, go for a longer length.

No matter which of these trendy haircuts you choose, our stylists can help you make it your own. Don’t let thin hair discourage you from stepping outside of your comfort zone to try something new.

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