Top Holiday Hairstyles that Never Go Out of Style


Top Holiday Hairstyles that Never Go Out of Style

It’s officially the most wonderful time of year and the start of the holiday party season. The struggle is real to find the perfect LBD: little black dress and fabulous heels. But keep in mind holiday style is in the hair, and nothing says "holiday party" quite like the movie star glamor of pin curls and polished waves. And while it might not be a cinch to pull off an Audrey Hepburn bun-and-bangs combo every morning, there are definitely occasions worth putting in that extra effort. Whenever you’re trying to dress to impress, keep in mind these top holiday hairstyles that never go out of style.

1. Bombshell Curl Your Bob Haircut



Ladies, if you’ve got #ShortHairDontCare, you’re in luck. It is incredibly easy to create the illusion that you just stepped out of a limo and onto the red carpet when you’ve got a bob.

All it takes to pull off Hollywood chic when your hair is above your shoulders is a little dollop of styling mousse and a curling iron.

While your hair is still wet, evenly distribute the mousse, making sure that you don’t concentrate too much of it on your roots (nobody wants weighed-down roots). Dry as usual. Once your hair is fully dry, separate it into three sections, take a large-barreled curling iron and work your way around the bottom layer of your hair, the midsection, and finally the top layer.

For added volume, bend over, work your fingers through your hair, and flip it back over when you stand up. To keep this holiday hairstyle looking polished and professional all day, spritz a little finishing spray all over.

2. Keep Your Hair Sleek and Centered


Few holiday hairstyles exude classic elegance quite like sleek, straight, center-parted hair. Obviously, this look is easiest to pull off if you’ve already got naturally straight hair.

But it’s not impossible to rock this timeless holiday hairstyle if your hair isn’t stick-straight. It all starts with the right hair styling product, once again.

Sleek hair (no matter your natural texture) begins in the shower. In order to achieve seamless, sleek, straight hair, you have to moisturize your strands with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner combination.

After you step out of the shower, make sure you avoid that towel. Instead, grab an old cotton T-shirt to dry off your strands. Towels can actually encourage frizz if you rub wet hair with them vigorously.

Blow-dry your hair as you normally would, part it directly in the center, and run a little bit of weightless shine serum through your hairstyle to keep it frizz-free all day.  

3. Sport An Undone Bun Hairstyle


Offset a perfectly polished ensemble with one of the most timeless hairstyles of the century: the messy bun.

Though it’s true you can sport an undone bun when you’re headed off to the gym or staying home “sick” from work (*wink, wink* we won’t tell), there’s nothing as subtly chic as a messy updo juxtaposed against a glamorous A-line gown.

Celebrities do it all the time. So, go ahead, show off your collarbones!

Give your messy, undone bun a little extra oomph, pizzazz, and volume by adding some texturizing spray to your hair while it’s still semi-wet.

Don’t forget to pull a few face-framing strands out from your bun to highlight your lovely cheekbones.

4. Rock Some Retro Fringe


No, we’re not talking about throwing on that old leather fringe jacket you’ve got packed away in the back of your closet.

We’re talking about bangs. No matter the season. No matter the year. No matter the decade, really. Bangs have always been fashionable, fun, and flirty. And they probably always will be, if we had to guess.

So, take the plunge and rock some retro fringe this holiday season. It doesn’t even take making a hair appointment; just walk right into your local Fantastic Sams salon and step out into your new favorite timeless holiday hairstyle.

5. Shag It Out


Just as it’s chic and timeless to sport a messy, undone bun during the holidays, it’s also eternally stylish to let your locks fly as free as the wind.

The perfect shag holiday hairstyle will fall into place without much muss or fuss. It’s all in how you ask your hairstylist to cut it.

Think back to the 90’s. “The Rachel” is the epitome of the timeless shag hairstyle.

Of course, you’ll want to make it all your own. Spice up this holiday hairstyle with a brand-new hair color. Shake it up with some volumizing product.  

6. Go Au Naturel


Arguably, nothing is as timeless as being yourself during the holidays. And let’s face it, you’re fantastic.

So, why not flaunt what your momma gave you?

That is, with a little help from some professional advice and high-quality hair care products.

Let your natural hair be the most timeless holiday hairstyle you ever rock.  

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