Treat Yourself with These Easy Halloween Hairstyles for Kids


As with many other aspects of our lives in 2020, our Halloween celebrations will surely look a little different this year. Whether you and the kiddos are planning to stay in and celebrate at home or brave the neighborhood trick-or-treating route, we’re here to help you prepare with some easy Halloween hairstyles for kids.

You might be keeping with tradition and adding a few extra precautions to your usual neighborhood rounds. Or, due to restrictions and caution, you might be forgoing the usual routine in favor of safer celebrations. Either way, the kids need to look great for those photo ops so this occasion can go down in history as yet another unique memory of 2020.

Braids of all shapes and sizes

When thinking about Halloween hairstyles for your kiddos’ costumes, braids are a versatile and super cute choice.


Skeletons, witches, scarecrows and even ice princesses can wear braids to complement their costumes and add a little personality. Low, loose braided pigtails give off a more laid-back boho-chic vibe while slicked-back tighter braids are more polished, and certainly more functional by keeping flyaway hair off the face.

Buns are far from basic


You might be aiming for that super-chic perfect princess look with a color-coordinated satin headband, or perhaps your little Jedi needs strategically placed space buns over each ear. You may also opt for a half-up bun hairstyle with long, curled locks for that styled-but-long-and-flowy look. Buns can also be styled to look like ears to imitate their favorite mouse or cat characters. Better start practicing now, though, to get your technique down before they’re anxiously waiting to get those sweet treats.


Whether polished and proper, a messier top knot or a multiple-bun variation, consider this easy style to treat yourself and take the stress out of completing the costume.

Spiked hair can be scary or sweet


Zombies, vampires, superheroes, rockstars and more can enjoy spiked hair of all kinds. Since boys typically have shorter hairstyles, it’s easy to switch up their look by adding some styling product like our Matte Wax or X-treme Gel to keep the hair in place through the scares, screams and giggles that are sure to be a part of your fun celebration.

And, if you and your littles are still on the fence about a costume choice this year, consider a different kind of superhero. This year has proven there are many options beyond what you see in movies and books – doctors, nurses, EMTs, medical workers and several more occupations have come to light as our community heroes, and why not honor them this Halloween? Plus, those options can be paired with practically any hairstyle that’s convenient for you.

Add an accessory


If you’re too stressed to think about even the simplest of Halloween hairstyles, pair your costumes with a coordinating hair accessory. The right headband can add horns, ears, sparkles or a pop of color to transform your otherwise basic costume into a coordinated, purposeful, finished look. Convert the kiddo into a demon, bunny or unicorn with the simple addition of the right accessory and let their own natural hairstyle shine through.


These Halloween hairstyles can accompany many different costume choices, but the most important thing is to make sure the kids are happy and safe this year. We’d love to see your looks on social – tag us and use #StyleMeFantastic on your posts. Happy Halloween!



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