Trending Hairstyles for Late 2020


The year of change

To say 2020 has been unprecedented is a gross understatement. With all the time spent in isolation and the services we’d grown to rely on no longer available, attempting tasks ourselves was tempting—with some outcomes working out better than others. It’s not an exaggeration to say that one of the most sought-after unavailable amenities was our hairstylist’s chair.

To compensate, many of us cut and colored even after being warned not to, and when the salons finally opened again, it was time for substantial damage control. Perhaps you just let your locks go resulting in long roots and a very grown out cut that gave you a twinge of disdain whenever you glanced at your non-style in the mirror.

Whether it was do-it-yourself color, taking a chance in cropping your own split ends or not touching your hair at all, many new looks have been born from repairing and restoring. You now can end the year with a refreshing but easy to maintain style.

The Bob


The bob has been a long-time staple for those who don’t want to go too short, but are yearning for a substantial change. It’s a great way to restyle damaged ends, and there are a ton of different versions you can try depending on your color and texture.


An angled bob or choppy one can bring a lot of life into limp locks. Work with your stylist to see what is the best for your hair structure and easiest to maintain.

Bangs for all


Bangs are a go-to for a quick update to your style. Curtain bangs began as a TikTok trend, a play on 60s hippie fringe bangs that fan open to frame the face, and can flatter any hair type or texture. If you love the look of long bangs but don’t want to worry about them falling into your eyes, this is a great look to try.

Chandelier bangs are blended in with long layers that accentuate the contour of your face. They can give your hair additional volume and depth, and require less upkeep than a more blunt bang.

As with all bangs, you need to decide what you’re ready to commit to and what works best for your daily lifestyle. Talk through your ideas with your stylist to see which route is the best for you.

Trending colors


We’re seeing a lot of bold and bright colors for fall, but a huge unexpected trend is a simple and stylish brown. It doesn’t have to be a monotone color as you can throw in some balayage or ombre caramel highlights, but after a long year of bare minimum when it comes to hair, many are favoring a low maintenance hue.


Trends are what you make them

Use the year as an excuse to go bold and short or head back to your roots with a simpler cut. Either way, your stylist will be thrilled to have you back and is ready to grant your fantastic hair wishes!


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