Trending: Medium to Long Hairstyles for Men


Hey guys, let’s talk about that long(er) hair that you may have gotten used to over the last few months. You know, the extra length on the top or back that you can now run your fingers through, pull back into a ponytail or that you need to contain with a headband most days.

Maybe you’ve already re-emerged from stay-at-home life and visited the salon. And perhaps you’ve left a little length in your hairstyle after getting so accustomed to it over the last few months.

Or it’s possible you’re still rocking that long hair and wondering what exactly you’re going to do with it, whether it’s chopping it all off or trying to incorporate your new locks into your style.

Well, wonder no more. We’re here with some trendy and stylish medium to long hairstyle options for men, to help you get that quarantine hair into fantastic shape.

Consider these medium to long hairstyles for men

You may have always had short hair and were used to regular visitis to the barber or hair salon. But, with salons being closed for a while, your hair grew to an unprecedented length and now you kind of like the evolution of your mane.

Longer on top with trimmed sides


You’re loving the longer hair on top, but just can’t get over the hair hanging over your ears and onto your neck. We understand! This medium-length hairstyle looks stylish and can be personalized to your individual preference. You can continue to let the top portion grow while having your stylist trim the sides and hairline, or even fade the sides for a more manicured look. The hair on top can be worn messy for a more rugged look, perfectly coiffed into a pompadour with the help of our Grooming Creme or slicked back for a date night or just to switch it up. It’s versatile, easy to style and your stylist can help you make it your own.

Medium length, but longer all over


Perhaps your hair has a little more length and you’re more laid back when it comes to regular hairline trims. Let it grow out and see how much you love your styling options! Have your stylist leave a little extra length around the top and forehead, while trimming the sides and back – but not too short. You’ll want some extra length (at least a few inches of hair) for styling, and if you have wavy or curly hair, that’s a bonus. If your hair tends to become unruly due to natural movement or your daily activities, try a product like our Hard Wax for pliable hold and soft, natural control.

You could even let this style grow out to chin-length and keep it trendy. If you have thick or curly hair, make sure your stylist or barber has cut some layers in to keep the length manageable and looking great. For straight hair, layers aren’t AS needed in most cases, but you may want to incorporate a few based on your styling and maintenance preferences.

Let those long locks flow


If your hair is longer than your chin, let it grow, let it grow! Men’s hair can look absolutely gorgeous in a shoulder-length or longer style. Many of these longer styles are commonly worn with a full beard and mustache, or at least some form of complementary facial hair, but it’s not necessary. Straight, wavy, textured or curly hair can transform this style and you’re able to customize with layers or some added color via balayage to add some sun-kissed streaks to your locks.

If you’re a little hesitant about wearing your hair long or afraid it will get in your face, don’t fret. There’s always the man bun to keep it pulled back and add some style.



Maybe your hair is getting longer but you’re not ready to commit to a full-on head of medium to long hair. Try a halfway style, the best of both worlds, with an undercut. Keep the length on top, but have your stylist buzz or clip the sides and back as short as you’d like. This way, you keep the hair off your neck and ears while having some styling options up top, or you can pull the length back for those days when you want a different look.

Don’t be afraid to play around and try different hairstyles. After all, 2020 has taught us one thing…everything can change! And why shouldn’t your hair?

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