Try This Surprising 2017 Hair Trend


Try This Surprising 2017 Hair Trend

We’ll be the first ones to admit that we are guilty of loving our heat styling products a little too much. Who doesn’t start their morning—or their evening out—by adding volume to our hairstyle with a blowdryer? Smoothing curls with a hair straightener? Or creating curls with a hair styling wand? Let’s all be honest with ourselves: we are hopelessly addicted to our heat styling methods, and it’s probably not the best for the health of our hair. All of that being said, 2017’s most surprising hair trend is saying “Sayonara” to heat styling and “Helloooo” to air drying!

You read that right: we are all about letting your locks be au naturel in 2017. If you’ve got natural waves, this surprising hair trend is here for them.

If your hair is pin-thin and stick-straight, don’t be afraid to let it flow! Some girls would go to any lengths (even singeing their precious curls) to achieve what you have the moment you wrap a towel around your hair.

And speaking of curls, if you are lucky enough to have been born with a head full of beautiful, bouncy curls, 2017 is the year to embrace your hair like never before.

Pump a little curl defining product into your hair post-shower, swipe on a little lip gloss and some mascara, and you’re out the door in less than 5 minutes.

2017 is the year of natural beauty and flawless style. It’s time to be the best you that you can possibly be!

So, how do you make this surprising 2017 hair trend work for you? It’s actually pretty simple. As we’ve said before in previous articles, it’s all about using the right hair styling product.

When you start with the right hair styling product for your hair texture, then you’re bound to end up with gorgeous hair—not to mention, hair that’s healthy and vibrant longer.

Want in on another trade secret? If you want to keep your hair from getting frizzy or damaged, but you don’t want to wait forever for it to dry on its own, invest in some super soft cotton T-shirts. Instead of wrapping your hair up in a towel and waiting for it to dry (or worse, rubbing your wet hair with the dry towel, which can break your hair and worsen split ends), try patting your hair dry gently with a T-shirt or two.

You might be surprised by how smooth, silky, and shiny your hair turns out, even without the help of your old pal, the hair dryer.

In the end, how you execute this 2017 hair trend totally depends on what you’re comfortable with, but don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair’s natural texture. Give the T-shirt trick a try, don’t forget a little dab of hair styling products, and let what Mother Nature gave you shine!

You might just be surprised by how much you love this surprising 2017 hair trend.

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