Warm Up Your Look With These Winter Hairstyles for Men


A man for all seasons

When the fall days turn frigid and frosty, women aren’t the only ones who like to alter their style. As the temperatures drop, men often consider a switch according to how much maintenance they want to take on and may want something different or more sophisticated for any holiday events that pop up. The winter months can inspire you to grow your hair a little longer or take a break from your razor to give your head a little more warmth. Read on to find out how you can warm up your look with these winter hairstyles for men.

A cool fringe for cooler weather


After a spring and summer of a closely cropped cut, many men opt to grow out their hair and have it cut into a fringe. Think of it as the male answer to bangs.  A longer layer on the top is cut on an angle and can be styled to fall forward and cover your forehead. If you comb it back, a fringe can create volume for thin hair, adding depth to your style with very low maintanence.

Ask your stylist if your hair is the right length and texture for this look and what daily styling on your part would entail. They can also recommend the right styling products you’d need to use depending how and where you’d like the fringe to fall.

Fade into winter


The fade is a go-to hairstyle for men, not only in winter but all year long, for a variety of reasons. It’s a clean look that can allow you to grow out your hair on the top without looking unprofessional or messy. You can get it cropped close to the skin or allow a little more growth on the sides. If you have curly hair, this is an easy way to keep it neat without having to spend too much effort taming down your waves. 

This is a great style to pair with a short or faded beard, especially if you’re afraid of your face appearing too long.

The undercut


The undercut has become one of the most popular haircuts for men. It may appear the same as the fade, but there is a slight difference.  A fade is shaved on both sides, but the undercut is buzzed on the left and right and under the neck, this is where the “under” comes into play. This highly versatile cut can be combined with many other looks like fringe or a pompadour, or worn side-swept or with a part on top. The undercut is one style that can easily stand up to cold, dry winter air and keep you looking fantastic.

Grow it out and keep it back with a man bun


If you’ve grown out your hair in the warmer months but don’t want to cut it, the man bun is a long-time go-to. It’s often paired with a full beard, but a clean shaven face also works well with this style. It’s a perfect option if you want to keep your length but slick it back if needed for a tidier appearance. To achieve this look, your hair needs to be in good condition and at least long enough for a ponytail. The man bun has never waned in popularity because while it is a relaxed style, it can be polished and sophisticated as well. Ask your stylist about products to use to keep the hair twisted into the bun healthy.

It’s always a good time to try something new


Whether you choose to grow it out, slick it back or tie it up, a new season is a great time to try something new. When sweat from sultry summer weather isn’t an issue in style or effort, talk to your stylist about trying one of these options to find a perfect, manageable look you’ll want to keep even after the snow melts.

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