We’re Falling in Love with This Men’s Hairstyle All Over Again


We’re Falling in Love with This Men’s Hairstyle All Over Again

February 14th is right around the corner, which means it’s that time of year to stock up on all the chocolate kisses, heart-shaped candies, and roses for that special someone in your life. But, between planning a romantic dinner and writing the perfect card for your valentine, make sure you take the time to look your best for whatever your Valentine’s Day has in store. If you haven’t made an appointment with your hairstylist since before the new year, now is the perfect opportunity to freshen up your hairstyle with the swoon-worthy side part haircut. We’ve seen the men’s side part hairstyle before, but this year we’re falling in love with it all over again. Here’s everything you need to know about this look to steal your valentine’s heart.


For the Modern Man

Spice up your side part hairstyle by adding your own edge to one of the most quintessential looks of all time. When you head into your local salon, consider asking your hairstylist for a tapered haircut for one of the sharpest and most novel looks out there. With a tapered side part haircut, the sides and the back of your hair are cut short, while the hair at the top is kept long enough to leverage into a side part. The result? This crisp haircut is equal parts charming and irresistible. For a little something extra, try using a small dab of FS Matte Wax to work with your natural hair texture and get the perfect look for you this Valentine’s Day.


For the Style Stud

If you’re a man who prides himself on dressing with style, the side part pompadour is the hairstyle for you. This look combines two of the most classic and stylish hairstyles into one of the most captivating looks of all time. A side-parted pompadour maintains that boyish charm that we all love with the side part, but it also adds texture, volume, and a bit of masculinity with a well-styled pompadour touch. Make sure to use some FS Grooming Creme to achieve the most charming side parted pompadour your girl has ever seen.


For the Well-Groomed Guy

Everyone loves a well-groomed guy, and the side part haircut has never looked as clean than it does than with a slicked back style. The slicked-back look has been around for as long as waxes and pomades have been, and for good reason. This hairstyle is super easy to achieve making it the perfect solution for an instant touch to a sleeker and refined look. Just lather in some FS X-treme Gel and comb your hair back into the side part style for the ultimate romantic look.

We’re falling for the side part hairstyle all over again, and we’re sure your special someone will too. If you have a bouquet of roses and a handwritten valentine, you’re halfway there. All you need is the perfect side part hairstyle for the most romantic Valentine’s Day yet.

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