We Have Heart Eyes for this Date Night Hairstyle


We Have Heart Eyes for this Date Night Hairstyle

Whether you have a special someone or your girl gang is unbeatable, there’s always a reason to show your ride-or-dies some extra love. And the slicked-back wet look is giving us all the heart eyes for your next romantic date or night out with the girls. Keep the love in the air and read on to find out why we have heart eyes for this date night hairstyle.

Why Should You Try a Wet Hair Look?

First of all, why not? This hairstyle is not only easy and convenient when you’re rushed for time, but it’s also one of the hottest looks of the season. We saw it at the AMA’s and then again at this year’s New York Fashion Week, and needless to say, the wet hair look has stolen the spotlight in the hair trend world.

So whether it’s Friday night and you’re officially running late for date night, or it’s girls night out and you’re looking for a statement hairstyle to bring your look together, the wet hair look is the way to go every time. It’s equal parts sexy and striking, and it’s a guaranteed head-turner no matter what your night has in store.

How to Style the Wet Hair Look

Contrary to common belief, achieving this look does not require a head of hair loaded with products. In fact, recreating this fashion-forward look is just about simple as fashion-forward looks go. All you need is the right hair products with all the good ingredients to pull off this runway-approved hairstyle.

Begin by towel drying your hair to successfully achieve this look. Damp hair allows for products to adhere to the strands to make styling a breeze. Begin at the roots, and incorporate FS Firm Hold Gel heavily at the crown, then brush your hair backward to disperse the product to the ends of the hair. Finish with a wide tooth comb and FS Shaping Spray, to keep hair in place until the night’s end.

And the best part about this sleek hairstyle? You can change it up depending on the occasion. Wear it slicked straight, dress it up with waves, or pull it back into a ponytail to add your own touch to the fashion world’s hottest new hairstyle.


Surprise your man with this heart-stealing hairstyle or rock this look on a night out with your besties because we’re obsessed with the wet hair look and we think you should be too.

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