We're Decking Our Hair This Holiday Season


We're Decking Our Hair This Holiday Season

As we get deeper and deeper into the holiday season, we are desperately searching for ways to amp up our everyday hairstyles. Whether you’re headed out to a holiday party, or you’re running around searching for the perfect last-minute gift, an easily pulled-together hairstyle is an absolute must. We have searched far and wide, and have found the best addition to any tired hairstyle. Hair accessories of all sorts are being sported on the runway, adding an extra element to our everyday fashion.

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The Sophisticated Hairbow

The early 2000’s are making a comeback in the form of hair bows. What was once considered a juvenile style, is now making an appearance in some of the most prestigious fashion magazines across the nation. Bland and boring ponytails are made more lively with the inclusion of these fashion-forward hair pieces. Tired hairbows now include materials such as velvet and suede for a more sophisticated look. These bows can be incorporated into updos, ponytails, and various other hairstyles.  Not only do they offer unparalleled convenience, but they are the perfect accessory for any outfit.

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Ponytail Cuffs

The perfect ponytail is almost impossible to achieve. Not anymore. We have discovered the perfect addition to this everyday hairstyle. Ponytail cuffs and wraps are designed to cover those pesky rubber elastics, upgrading this boring look. Made in a variety of different styles, these accessories are designed to enhance your overall look. These accessories give off the impression of a perfectly manicured up-do––no matter if it’s an accurate reflection of your day or not. Adding ponytail cuffs to your hairstyle allows for an effortless holiday look.

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Braid Charms

Braid charms are one of the most revolutionary trends of the season. Braided hairstyles are by no means new to the hair trend scene as they have made a lasting impression in the world of hair for years. We’re talking french braids, waterfall braids, and braided updos just to name a few of these iconic braided hairstyles. But recently, a new addition to these braided hairstyles have stepped onto the scene, and hairstylists have started to include additional accessories to the three-stranded hairstyle we love so much. Charms of all sorts put a finishing touch on your everyday braid and express your hair personality whether you’re attending formal dinners or family gatherings.


The holidays are some of the busiest days of the year. Incorporate these hair accessories into your holiday look, for an effortless style with some added personality.

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