We're Officially Obsessed With Gemstone Hair Color


We’re Officially Obsessed With Gemstone Hair Color

It’s official. We’re obsessed with gemstone hair color. From garnet to sapphire and everything in between, we’re totally convinced that just about everyone can (and should) rock a gemstone hair color this season.

We voted, and it was a landslide; these are our top picks for gemstone hair colors:

Rose Quartz


Pink is one of the fashion industry's favorite colors, as seen in the Fall color palettes for 2017 and it continues to trend for Spring 2018 Fashion week collections.  One of 2016’s Pantone Colors of the Year, rose quartz hair color takes the cake as our most adored light gemstone hue. And pink is still goiIt’s as light and airy as a cloud—while still being as rock ‘n’ roll as you’d expect any shade of pink hair to be. 



This vibrant shade of dark green hair color is certainly not for the faint of heart. It takes a bold fashionista to pull off jade hair color every day. But we have full confidence that some of you out there are brazen and brilliant enough to make this look shine.



Thinking of going red? Why not try out this sultry shade of radiant ruby-red hair color? Garnet is the hair color equivalent of Dorothy’s slippers; it will transport you to another reality (in which you wake up every day with fierce hair, that is).

Tiger Eye


We love tiger eye highlights so much we devoted an entire article to the trend. A majestic mix of rich brunette tones and buttery caramel highlights, tiger eye hair color is a killer combo of natural hues and gorgeous gemstone realness.

Mystic Topaz


Mystic topaz hair color takes cool tones to the next level. If you’ve ever thought about coloring your hair any shade of blue, but can't decide on which one then this gemstone color could be for you. Mystic topaz typically contains several colors, with blues, purples, and greens being the prominent hues.


If you can't decide on a gemstone hair color, then opal stone is for you. This gemstone hair color trend uses shades of violets, pinks, and blues that are applied using color melting - a new hair color technique that is similar to balayage but instead of using one hue - color melting blends three colors seamlessly. The hair colors should look like they melt into each other without seeing where one begins and another color ends.

Few things are worse than a dull gemstone. Keep your color and bold and brilliant as the day you step out of the salon with these expert tips and tricks.

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