What Does Your Go-to Hairstyle Say About You


What Does Your Go-to Hairstyle Say About You

Every woman should have three things: an ever-growing perspective of self-confidence, a group of friends to count on, and a go-to hairstyle that works for Saturday brunch, office happy hour and weekend errands. If you established a hair uniform for your life, this hairstyle would pass the regulations with flying colors. But did you know your go-to hairstyle is saying more about your personality than you think? Here is the complete trajectory of your personality as told by your go-to hairstyle.


The Top Knot

If you’re quick to throw your hair up at the crown of your head and twist your locks into a tight knot with just the right amount of perfection that proves this isn’t your first top knot rodeo, you may be what we call a “top knotter.” Some say a perfected top knot means you’re uptight, but you know that’s not true. Your top knot just means you’re a go-getter and you’re not inclined to let anyone step in your way. You’re headstrong in your opinions, confident in your capabilities, and self-discipline is one of your many strengths.  


The Ponytail

The ponytail is one of the most practical hairstyles out there––it’s the white t-shirt equivalent of hair. You can dress it up for a Saturday afternoon out with the girls or wear it with a completely casual outfit that’s perfect for those days when you’re constantly on-the-go. If the ponytail is your go-to hairstyle, your days are probably jam-packed with meetings, errands, and social plans, but you navigate even your busiest days with grace and style. In your relationships, you’re dependable and always there for your closest friends when they need it most.


Loose Braid

Loose braids are often the signature hairstyle of our fellow bohemian free spirits. If you often find yourself pulling your hair back into any variation of this three-stranded hairstyle, you tend to be a go-with-the-flow kind of girl. New adventures are your comfort zone and living in the moment is your motto. People look up to you because you’re not afraid to express yourself or question societal norms. A loose braid is just proof that you’re an adventurous spirit and have stories to tell.


Wash-and-Go Middle Part

If your go-to hairstyle is essentially however your natural hair looks after you get out of the shower and parted down the middle, you tend to fall on the less materialistic side of the spectrum. You’re a genuine soul and you often form authentic relationships with the people you value most in your life. People love you because of your down-to-earth perspective and your easy-going attitude. A middle part means you may have an edgier personality and tend to march to the beat of your own drum.

Every woman has a go-to hairstyle that functions as both her instant confidence booster and as her backup option if an intricate up-do turns into a disaster, and every kind of hairstyle makes a statement.

Now that you know what your hairstyle says about you, find out what your hair length, hair color, and hair type expresses about your hair personality.

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