What Does Your Hair Color Say About You?


After meeting someone new and getting to know them a little better, have you ever learned that the person had a perception of your personality based on looks alone? Although it’s certainly true that “you can’t judge a book by its cover,” people still let looks guide their perceptions about others, taking into consideration their facial features, demeanor and you guessed it, hair color, among many other physical characteristics.

Do you fall into the generalization of your own hair color, or dye your hair to make a different statement? Does your hair color affect your personality?

First, let’s look at some of the common hair color-based generalizations.

Hair Color Generalizations

By no means can we make a general statement about all people with similar hair colors, but hair color does play into our perceptions of people. So what are some historical hair color associations?


Historically, blonde hair has been associated with youth, innocence, naivete and beauty. Blondes have also been generalized as high-maintenance, carefree, fun-loving and ditzy.


In contrast, brunettes are seen as more intelligent, down-to-earth, sophisticated and mature. 


Red hair has often been associated with a fiery temper, bold personality and romantic disposition. It’s also the least common hair color in the world, which has made the shade more alluring and mysterious than others.

Black hair

Black hair is seen by some to represent spirituality, a serious personality and narcissistic characteristics.

What if you color your hair a different shade?


We think we can all agree that some of these generalizations are to some degree, quite ridiculous, while others might actually be a bit accurate.

But how does coloring your hair factor into the equation?

If you identify yourself as a fun-loving blonde but decide to try a brunette shade for fall, are you instantly more down-to-earth? Yes, people might view you as such, but do you take on those actual personality traits? Maybe. It’s your choice!

A new hair color can give you the confidence to be a better (or different) version of yourself, and what’s wrong with that? We’re not saying any hue is better than another, just that choosing a shade that makes you feel great is, by far, the best choice. And, if a new hair color helps you try on a new way of life, improve your social skills or make a career change, by all means, we support you.

So, does hair color affect personality?

What about your attitude or behavior?

Just like with the generalizations mentioned above, there’s no one answer – it all varies by person.

For some, going from a dark chocolate shade to a light blonde may be more of a reason to chat up that stranger on the bus or flirt with a long-time crush.

Or, trying a bold shade of red might encourage you to be more outspoken at work. After all, you’ve made a statement with your hair, why not carry that vibe into your professional life?

Still for a lot of women, hair color is a way to express themselves, try different looks and find out what makes them feel fantastic inside and out. It’s not about needing an appearance change as permission or a reason to act differently, it’s about having a little fun with your wardrobe and expressing your style in a different way.

Ultimately, be yourself and find the hair color that works for you, whether it’s your natural shade or one achieved with the help of a stylist.


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