What Is Hygge Hair Color?


What Is Hygge Hair Color?

Hygge hair color is one of this season’s hottest hair colors, and we are here to tell you how to cozy up to the array of warm hues, that will flatter everyone. It might seem counterintuitive to adopt fall hair color shades in the middle of the hottest months, but trust us, these hair colors will have you craving the coziness of fall. 

So what is Hygee?  Pronounced hoo-guh, hygee is a Danish concept that captures a feeling of coziness and well-being by enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Enjoying a hot mug of cocoa next to a crackling fireplace on a rainy Sunday morning is Hygee. This hot trend has reached everything from home decor to fashion and now hygge hair color.

Hygge Hair Color For Blondes

Cool blondes, like platinum blondes, need to make way for this hot new sensation: hygge blonde. It’s akin to the familiar caramel hues that you’ve seen on some of your favorite celebrities. It’s a warm and delicate hair color that really helps to brighten up any complexion—especially in the midst of the prime sunkissed skin weather.

If you want a more subtle hygge hair color look, ask your hairstylist for subtle balayage highlights and gloss smudged roots, so that the growing out phase will be more graceful.  

Hygge Hair Color For Brunettes

Whether you’ve got ultra dark hair or you’re an almost-blonde brunette, there is a shade of hygge hair color that will look absolutely tailored to your skin tone. It’s all about playing up the auburn tones with a few lowlights and maybe a highlight or two.

In order not to let those highlights get brassy, though, you’ll have to take extra care and tone them down with violet shampoo. That way, they’ll stay perfectly balanced: not too cool, not too warm.

Hygge Hair Color For Redheads

Of course, as a redhead, you already have that warm and cozy hue going on, but you can still hop on the hygge hair color train with a bright, vibrant red hair color.

The point is to play up the red that you’re already rocking.

It’s hard to find the exact right shade of red hair color to liven up your existing natural shade, but it’s not impossible. Now is the time to go bold with your color, so be sure to ask your hairstylist for multidimensional highlights as well as an all-over vibrant shade of red.

Hygge hair color is the hottest hair trend, so go ahead and give it a try for yourself. You might be surprised by just how cozy and flattering all of these shades can be.

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