What is Your Hair Personality?


What Is Your Hair Personality

How many times have you been told "it's what's on the inside that counts"? Probably a lot. It's true. Your personality is the most important and unique thing about you. But it’s what’s on the outside that expresses your personality. Hair is arguably the first thing people notice when they meet someone new. And why is that? Well, it’s one of the only parts of yourself that you have complete freedom and control to change as a source of self-expression. How amazing would it be if you could wake up and change the color of your eyes depending on your mood, or your body type depending on the time of year? But since you can’t; choosing a hairstyle, hair color, haircut, or hair length, are some of the only ways you can express your individual personality freely. And the coolest part? You can change up your hair personality whenever you want. Read on to find out what your hair says about you.

Hair Length

The length of your hair reveals more about your personality than you might think. Since sustaining short and healthy hair requires frequent salon visits for cuts, short-haired girls tend to be artistic and appreciate self-expression more than others. Those on the more creative side may use special products, like some hair pomade, to sculpt and style their hair. Girls with medium length hair are very logical thinkers and good-natured souls. They aren’t high-maintenance because their hair care and upkeep don’t require as many haircuts as those with short hair, or as much product as long-haired ladies. But women that do have longer locks value their freedom and usually have a lighthearted and carefree personality.

Hair Color

Hair color is one of the fastest and easiest ways to drastically change what your hair is saying about your personality. All it takes is a hair color treatment to switch things up. And since hair color is on a spectrum and can be a mix of shades, these personality traits can be mixed and matched together, as well. Ladies with blonde hair are naturally outgoing and social go-getters. Likewise, brunettes are typically ambitious and value hard work, wit, and intelligence. Red-headed girls are fun-loving adventurers, easily entertained and appreciate good humor in others. Those who opt for gray hair are very independent and confident, and they also appreciate confident personalities in others. Whichever color you decide to go for, make sure to protect frequent color-treated hair with a color repair masque.

Hair Type

Fundamentally, your hair type reveals your natural self because you can’t change it completely. Although, with a little help from trusted hair product and tools, you can manipulate what your hair type is saying about your personality. Girls with straighter strands are generally pulled-together when they need to be, but are also quick to let loose and have fun. Curly-haired girls are fierce in all that they do. They are passionate, generous, and nurturing and quick to take the initiative. Wavy-haired personalities, on the other hand, typically are approachable, sensitive, and personable. They bring positive energy to social environments and have a natural empathetic personality. No matter what hair type you have, be sure to use some smoothing keratin treatment for heat protection from styling tools.

Now that you know, or at least have an idea, on what kind of message your hair is sending, why not try changing up the signal a little bit? You’ll be surprised by how the world will react to your hair personality change.

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