Which Pixie Haircut is Right For Me?


All pixies aren’t equal. Which style is the right one for me?

If you’re like most of us, you’re dreaming of your first salon visit, and after dealing with the same stale style for all this time, you may be brave and bold enough to make a big change.  Asking for a pixie cut is a gutsy move, but the transformation from long hair to short can be freeing and refreshing, which we’re sure is something you’re yearning for right now. The key is to pick a cut that is both flattering and easy to maintain for your lifestyle.

The pixie with bangs


Bangs can give your short locks depth and versatility. With all the hair swept to one heavy side, you get that short look you wanted but with more options for style than just wash and go. You can even keep your long hair accessories or favorite headband to pull the front back on a hot summer day or during a work out. This hairstyle is a great bridge to help keep your traditional sense of style.

All in Pixie


If you’re ready to go all in with a short, no-frills cut there are still ways to jazz it up to fit your own personal style. Style the front flat or give it a flip, or scrunch your fingers through with a little product for a boost. There is much to be said for having a low maintenance, airy cut, but make sure to keep your hair as healthy as possible. The shorter your style, the easier to spot split ends or dull, unhealthy locks. When you commit to this hairstyle, you’re also committing to more regular salon maintenance, so keep that in mind when you choose which pixie route you’d like to explore.

Pixies all the colors of the rainbow


If you want to take that extra leap, a pixie cut with a vibrant color takes daring to the next level. Purple hues are very on trend now, and if you want a softer edge, gray highlights are also in style. If your hair is dark, speak to your stylist about bleaching your strands first before adding the color of your choice. Bold colors are a great way to amp up your look and celebrate new adventures ahead.


Come with questions!

As with any big change, please feel free to come to your stylist with any and all questions. We’re happy to walk you through the best way to get the look you want that makes sense for you and the life you lead. We look forward to chatting with you about how to make you feel your best!



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