Winter Hair Colors You’ll Definitely Want to Try This Year

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, your calendar is probably filling up with shopping, cooking, holiday parties and other events. You may have already started planning out your wardrobe, but don’t forget about your hair color! Now is the perfect time to update your color and go into the holidays with a fantastic new look.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle color refresh, a drastic color change or something in between, you’ll definitely want to try some of these winter hair color ideas. 

Winter hair color inspiration

Brunette and honey


Brunette and honey shades look great together no matter the time of year, but this combination is definitely one of our favorites for winter. You could go with honey highlights on top of a medium or dark brunette shade for a beautiful color refresh, or choose a more dramatic ombre look. Another option is balayage highlights, which produces a more natural-looking highlight and is less noticeable when your roots begin to grow out.  

Why we love this color 

These two shades look great together and can compliment any style or skin tone. This color combination might be exactly what you need to look and feel fantastic this winter. Go ahead and give it a try!

Darker brunette with caramel accents


If you prefer a darker brunette shade, look no further than this color combination. Winter weather tends to inspire darker hair colors like this one, and adding a touch of caramel highlighting or balayage makes your hair look radiant and healthy. Also called coffee/caramel or chocolate/caramel, this hair color combination may even inspire a sweet treat to celebrate your new look.

Why we love this color 

Brunette is the most versatile hair color, so anyone can give this look a try. Whether your hair is long, short, curly or straight, you can’t go wrong with a dark brunette and caramel duo.

Bold red


Winter is a wonderful time to try a bold shade of red such as a copper, burgundy, auburn or even a pinkish rose gold. Instead of a red sweater, dress or accessory to channel your holiday spirit, let your hair be all the red color you need this year. Choosing the right shade of red can be tricky depending on your skin tone, so we suggest consulting with a hair color expert (like one of ours) before setting your sights on a particular shade. One thing is certain though, you are sure to make a statement with a bold red this winter.

Why we love this color 

Although red hair can require a little more maintenance than other colors, its boldness turns heads and stands out from the crowd. There are so many different shades and combinations of red, you’ll be able to express your own unique style through your hair color.

Bright winter blonde


While a lot of women prefer a darker hair color during the winter months, you could explore the other end of the spectrum with a bright blonde shade. Opt for highlights or an all-over blonde color to liven up your locks. Whether you choose platinum, golden, ash, champagne or any of the other blonde hues, your hair will help brighten up the winter gloom. 

Why we love this color 

Blonde is always a fun color to experiment with, and a bright shade during the winter months can perk up any outfit or even your mood. If you haven’t tried blonde lately (or ever), now is your chance!

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