Your Guide to Effortlessly Flawless Hair Overnight


Your Guide to Effortlessly Flawless Hair Overnight

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones, chances are you’re familiar with the unmanagable horrors of waking up with bedhead. What if we told you we have a cure-all solution to this daily disaster? We have concentrated our efforts on finding some foolproof tricks to get rid of bedhead once and for all. Read on for our recommendations on how to achieve effortlessly flawless hair overnight.

Bring those braids to bed

Love the windblown look of hair on the beach? We have the perfect solution for attaining these loose and luscious waves right at home. Depending on the desired curl, french braid the hair into one or two, semi-tight sections. This can be done after hair is shampooed and has air-dried to a semi-damp texture. In the morning, remove hair ties and shake the curls out. If necessary, touch up straighter pieces with a curling iron. Finish the look off with FS Shine Mist for a high-gloss, brilliant finish.

Bun and done

Looking to achieve some extra volume in your day-to-day look? After your nightly shower, when your hair has dried a little, twist the hair into a low or high bun, depending on where you would like the curl to begin. Damp hair typically delivers more intense volume than dry hair does. If a softer look is the goal, begin with dry hair and spritz first with FS Shaping Spray before twisting into a bun. No one likes waking up with flat, lifeless hair, and a bun is the simplest way to achieve some effortless volume in the morning.

Frantic over frizz?

We know the struggle with frizzy hair is all too real––especially during the warm, humid summer months. That’s why we have searched far and wide for an overnight ritual that is sure to solve this pesky problem. Before bedtime, work FS Shine Serum into the hair from roots to ends. Wrap the hair in a silk scarf, and hit the hay. When the alarm goes off in the morning, you'll wake up with flawless, frizz-free hair.

Shorten your morning hair routine with these easy overnight tips that are sure to help you achieve effortlessly beautiful hair overnight.

For more tips to flawless hair, make sure you’re getting the most out of your shower.  


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