Is Your Hair Healthy Enough for Color?


Is Your Hair Healthy Enough for Color?

Changing your hair can no doubt change your life, but is there such thing as too much change? To be honest, yes. You can absolutely damage your hair by dyeing it too often, using the wrong types of hair dye, and heat styling it on top of dyeing it. At the end of the day, we really put our hair through the wringer in the name of beauty. How do you know if your hair is healthy enough for color?

We’ve got one simple trick for figuring out if your hair truly is healthy enough for color.

At the end of this definitive test, you should know whether your hair is in prime condition to be dyed—or if you have to wait a little while and double up on moisturizing masques.  

Step One: Pull a Section of Your Hair Taut

Select a section of your hair and pull it taut and smooth between your fingers. Make sure you get a thick enough section so that you can’t see through your strands.

Since you’re testing the health of your hair, it’s best to pick a section in the middle closer to the end of your hair. This area of your hair is the oldest and therefore the most likely to be the most damaged. Your roots are fresher, younger, and least likely to have sustained any damage.

Once you’ve picked out the ideal section of your hair to test, you can move on to the next step in the process.

Step Two: Add a Drop of Water to Your Hair

With your hair still pulled taut and smooth, add a drop of water to your hair. The drop should be substantial enough for you to be able to tell that it’s there, but it shouldn’t drench your strands.

What you’re looking for is how long it takes for the water to absorb into your hair completely.

Step Three: Count the Seconds It Takes for Your Hair to Absorb the Water

The final step in this process is counting the number of seconds it takes for the section of hair to absorb the drop of water.

If the drop of water takes longer than ten seconds to sink all the way in, you hair should be healthy enough for color. Congrats!

However, if your hair absorbs the entire drop in less than ten seconds, your hair might be too damaged to dye right now.

Of course, damaged hair is not a permanent condition (in most cases), so you can absolutely get your hair back to the peak of health. It takes nourishing your hair from the inside out as well as moisturizing your strands, getting regular trims, and minimizing heat styling. If you keep to this kind of regimen, your hair will be ready to dye again before you know it!

Healthy hair is gorgeous hair. Before you take the plunge and dye your hair again, be totally sure that it’s healthy enough for color!

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