Is Your Hair Trending in 2016


From hair and makeup tutorials to celebrity fashion feuds, beauty trends have been sweeping the internet by storm. Long gone are the days of frosted tips, crimped curls and fang bangs; however, some of today’s top hair trends may be just as shocking! Take a look to see if your hair is one of 2016's top trends!

Is Your Hair Trending in 2016?

While a lot of beauty trends are leaning towards natural, healthy products, hair trends are taking the path less traveled, especially when it comes to hair color. Here are 4 of the most unexpected hair color trends of 2016; is your hair trending?

1. Gray

Gray hair, also known as  #GrannyHair, is trending in full force! Females of all ages are confidently showing us how to rock this age-defying style. Prominent women like Pink, Kelly Osbourne, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Helen Mirren may have some women taking a second thought before they rush out the door to recolor their roots!

But don’t be fooled, as women aren’t the only ones sporting this trending style. Actors like Robert de Niro, George Clooney, Matt LeBlanc and Anderson Cooper have been leading the way for men to make sleek and silver look fresh and suave.

2. Ronze

Ronze has been heating up the web just in time for Fall! This earthy blend of copper red and bronze works well all year long and can complement nearly any warm or cool skin tone. Julianne Moore rocks a darker shade of ronze to contrast against her fair complexion while Eva Longoria warms up her shade of ronze to softly compliment her medium tone.

3. Rose Gold 

Tired of your everyday blonde or looking for a pop of color? This pink, red, blond combo is the perfect, playful summer shade! Add a tint of pink for a soft, warm shade of rose gold or blend the darker tones together for a more dominant color. Either way, rose gold will carry you through the late summer season and provide the perfect tone for the start of Fall!

4. Rainbow

Bold colors of the rainbow have been making a statement in hair trends across the nation! Whether you dabble your ends into a dark shade of pink, rock a blue side bang, or fully dye your hair with a dominant color shade, you will not feel out of place. Popstar Katy Perry and morning show host Kelly Ripa have shown us how to play with a full head of blue while social icons like Kylie Jenner and Gwen Stefani styled a tasteful dash of color.

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